About SCHWING America

Historic Projects Built with Schwing Pumps

  • CITI Field
  • 49ers Stadium
  • Seattle Bank
  • Panama Canal Expansion
  • Niagara Tunnel
  • Niagara Falls Bridge
  • Marquis, FL -67 Stories
  • Hebron Oil Platform
  • Freedom Tower
  • Denver Airport



SCHWING America is a member of the SCHWING Group, a worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of premium concrete production and handling equipment, headquartered in Herne, Germany. SCHWING, committed to supporting its customers’ success, excels in producing high quality concrete equipment used in even the most demanding construction applications, through innovative engineering, premiere manufacturing and optimum after-sales support. SCHWING America, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, offers industry leading concrete pumps, truck mixers, batch plants, reclaimers and genuine parts for distribution in North and Latin America.

1934 The late, Mr. Fredrich Schwing Sr. (1892-1982) was a man dedicated to providing solutions. In 1934 he started SCHWING GmbH, a manufacturing firm in West Germany, to translate his more than 1200 patents into productive machinery. From drum mixers to the first modern concrete pump, the SCHWING name has been on innovative concrete machinery for more than 75 years.

Sons Fredrich and Gerhard expand the SCHWING product line and put the SCHWING name at the forefront of concrete pump development and sales.

1957 Early SCHWING concrete pump with separate engine.

1965 SCHWING introduces truck mounted concrete pump.

1968 Early SCHWING concrete pump with lattice type boom.

1970 SCHWING patented Roll and Fold® boom introduced.

1974 The company establishes SCHWING America, Inc. in Minnesota to capitalize on the popularity of SCHWING concrete pumps as they are used on high visibility projects.
1982 SCHWING purchases the Stetter Corp. to establish Schwing-Stetter the world’s largest manufacturer of truck mixers.
SCHWING America’s  400,000 square foot manufacturing plant in White Bear, Minnesota is one of seven production facilities in the global SCHWING Group. Here, concrete pumps and truck mixers are built to the highest standards for distribution throughout the world.
2012 SCHWING’s success attracts a merger with XCMG, China’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment, to mutually benefit both companies  growth. Gerhard Schwing continues the family tradition of leading the company with innovative products for the future.