Schwing Supports “Build with Strength” Industry Campaign

ST. PAUL, MINN. (June 1, 2016) – Schwing America, an industry-leading manufacturer of ready-mix concrete pumps and truck mixers today announced support of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) “Build with Strength” campaign.

The campaign champions the strength, safety and value of using concrete construction.

“When it comes to building structures that must be strong, safe and provide long-term value, concrete should be the choice,” said Brian Hazelton, CEO of Schwing America. “We are proud to join NRMCA in helping demystify common misconceptions about concrete and educate the industry on choosing the safest options.”

Supported by comprehensive research findings from a study by the NRMCA, the “Build with Strength” campaign seeks to educate the building and construction industry on misconceptions, such as cost and environmental impact, surrounding the use of wood, wood products and other construction materials.

“Builders often choose construction materials, such as wood and cross-laminated timber for foundations and other vital support areas without fully understanding the safety concerns these types of materials can cause, especially in low- and mid-rise structures,” said Aaron Lian, Vice President and General Manager, Ready Mix Products for Schwing America.

Key messages of the “Build with Strength” campaign are the strength, safety and value of concrete construction. Unlike wood products, concrete creates solid, fire-resistant structures that resist mold, rust and rot with little maintenance. Concrete additionally provides a safer environment, as it becomes stronger over time, stands up to natural disasters and offers an environmentally friendly option when considering the longevity of the building and reduced CO2 emissions. For the building and construction industry, concrete gives virtually limitless options for architectural design, creativity and flexibility.

Schwing is proud to support the concrete industry, one that they have been part of for over 40 years.

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