Cherokee’s S 45 SX with Overhead Roll and Fold placing boom pumps concrete on one of the many small pours that make up the parking structure.

Schwing S 36 SX with RZ4 boom provided the versatility Cherokee needs on the Circle Terminus apartment project in Atlanta.

A recently acquired Schwing SPTO 2000 will pump the decks for the five stories of apartments that will be built over the parking structure.

Curved Super X outriggers are a Schwing exclusive that provide a stable pumping platform with a small footprint.

The 270-degree tip section and low unfolding height of the RZ4 boom allow the S 36 SX to pump indoors when not engaged in commercial and residential projects.

Circle Terminus is a Tight Fit

The word terminus literally means boundary in Latin. It is also the name of a long term residential and retail development in Atlanta that is being completed with a three-building luxury apartment complex – Circle Terminus. With tight boundaries on all sides, the name fits this project well. Efficient concrete placement on the project is benefiting from a concrete pump recently acquired by ACPA member Cherokee Concrete Pumping headquartered in Hampton, Georgia. “We knew this project was coming up and decided the requirement of boom versatility and footprint size would require a special pump,“ explains, Cherokee President Wayne Bylsma, “That was one reason we chose the Schwing S 36 SX.”

Concrete construction is ongoing on the three-level parking garage that will support five stories of apartments. DPR Hardin Construction of Atlanta, is the general contractor and long-time Cherokee customer. Located in the heart of the upscale Buckhead neighborhood, the project is surrounded by existing development and public roads, leaving very little room for equipment. “This is familiar ground to us,” explains Bylsma, “We pumped another tower on the site with our SP 8800 several years ago.” As the development nears completion, existing structures crowd the last site to be developed. “It is just so tight,” according to Bylsma, “We have to reach all portions of the site from one location and not take up too much space on the street.” The company’s Schwing S 36 SX, with 118-feet of reach, fits the bill.

“The machine features the RZ4 4-section boom that combines the best features of two boom types, “ says Cherokee operator Paul Thrasher, “It has the unfolding convenience of a Roll and Fold and it incorporates a 270-degree Z-fold tip for maneuvering into tight places. I call it the Rolling Z.” The S 36 SX also features Super X outriggers that aid in setting up on the site while providing a compact, stable pumping platform. Crowding a lot of equipment onto a small site made set-up an unpredictable proposition day-to-day. “The Super X outriggers give you more choices for set-up because their curved shape telescopes out and around jobsite obstacles,” states Thrasher.

Concrete placement usually occurs two times a week at Circle Terminus, with the Cherokee pump placing slabs and walls. “Sometimes we will set-up in the morning, pump 20-25 yards for a wall and move on to another project, “ says Thrasher. The S 36 SX allows Cherokee to provide this type of service. “I can be set-up in 15 minutes with this 36-meter and because it has 730-degree boom rotation, I don’t have to worry about which side I will be booming off on the next job, “ explains Thrasher, a 20-year veteran pump operator. He also credits the large 210-gallon water tank and fast cleanout of the Schwing Rock Valve for his ability to cover more jobs in a day. The ability of the pump to handle a variety of wall and slab mixes on the project is facilitated by the Big Rock Valve standard on all Schwing boom pump’s over 31-meters. “The Big Rock has an extended valve and housing to easily keep up with the requirements of high volume pours on this project even with the harshest mixes, “ according to Bylsma.

DPR Hardin project superintendent, Mike Janssen, concurs with the performance of the Schwing pump and Cherokee’s service, “With 165,000 square feet of parking structure to be built, we need to stay on schedule, “ Hardin states, “But with the tight conditions and mixture of large and small pours, it is a high maintenance job” The S 36 SX features the Generation 3 all-hydraulic 2025-5 pump kit with 10-inch diameter pumping cylinders operating through 79-inches of stroke. This allows relatively slow stroking to meet volume requirements on the job. “I’ve never seen a smoother boom, “ Thrasher says, “When I’m going flat-out on one of the large slabs the boom stays nice and steady.” The versatility of the S 36 SX is aided by the RZ4 boom’s design that angles the second section to one side in the travel position to minimize overall length for maneuverability in and out of the urban site. The boom straightens itself as it unfolds.

The ability of the S 36 SX to cycle on and off the Circle Terminus site was important to Cherokee’s goal of satisfying the growing demand for pumping in Atlanta. “We have used it on inside pours where the unique boom configuration allows it to pour right back to the bumper and stay within the ceiling height. You don’t see too many booms that can do that.” Cherokee caters to all pumping needs in the Atlanta area. “The S 36 SX fulfills our need for an all-purpose pump working on commercial and residential projects, “ Bylsma says.

As Circle Terminus rises above the three parking levels, Cherokee will move their boom pumps off the project to place the concrete decks for the five apartment levels. Another newly acquired Schwing pump, the SPTO 2000, will take their place performing as a line pump on the project. With only 250 square feet required for set-up, the SPTO 2000 is only 40% of a boom pump’s footprint on the cramped project. The SPTO 2000 pumpkit is powered by the truck’s CAT engine and mounted on a medium-duty Freightliner chassis. With output to 118-cubic yards per hour it will meet the most demanding schedule for deck placement.

The first Circle Terminus units are expected to come online in 2014. Amenities will include a salt-water resort-style pool, rooftop terraces with dramatic skyline views, a wine bar and tavern, an extensive fitness center, a dog walk park, an art gallery and a business center.


Owners: Cousins Properties, Atlanta, GA
Developers: Crescent Resources, LLC, Charlotte, NC
General Contractor: DPR Hardin Construction, Atlanta, GA
Pumping Contractor: Cherokee Concrete Pumping, Hampton, GA
Equipment: Schwing S 36 SX concrete pump with placing boom, Schwing SPTO 2000 truck-mounted concrete pump