Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association

“To formalize the guideline for the design, manufacture, testing, safe use, inspection and maintenance of concrete pumps for the North American market.”

“The CPMA was organized not only to establish industry safety standards, but to promote those minimum standards to the extent that they become regulation,” says CPMA President Tom Anderson, also President of Schwing America, Inc. “By familiarizing concrete pump owners and operators with the CPMA, we hope the industry recognizes the importance of purchasing equipment that complies with our safety standards.”

The CPMA consists of ten members, all U.S.-based manufacturers of concrete pumps and accessories. Their duties include setting minimum safety standards for North American manufacturers. The association was incorporated in 2000, and according to some members, the organization of the CPMA was a long time coming.

“The concrete pumping industry is young. It has been a presence in North America for only 30 years,” says Ian Tober, Vice President of Marketing with Olin Engineering, Inc. “But consider the fact that the industry went without manufacturer guidelines for around 25 of those 30 years. The organization of the CPMA was way past due, and a necessary step in producing much safer products.”

Jeff Pool, President of Allentown Equipment: “It was important that the CPMA be organized before the government became involved in the standardization of concrete pumps. The members of CPMA are not only engineers and manufacturers of the equipment, but some of us have field experience. Considering our technical expertise from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and our knowledge of the product, we’re very well represented.”

CPMA’s involvement with other organizations is also a vital part of keeping the communication lines open between those dedicated to the continuing improvement of concrete pumping equipment. Along with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the CPMA also works with the American Concrete Contractors Association (ACCA), the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), the Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau (TMMB) and other committees.

“We are a task force,” says Soubhi Naddaf, President of CPMA member Pumpstar, “During our meetings, we address the needs and concerns of everyone who is not only a part of, but affected by our industry.”

The CPMA conducts meetings several times a year.. “We debate the issues