Schwing’s New Control System Revolutionizes Ready Mix Operations

ST. PAUL, MINN. (Feb 02, 2016) — Schwing America introduced today the company’s new mixer truck control system, Schwing Control Technology (SCT™). The innovative control system for ready mix concrete mixer trucks offers cutting-edge features not previously available to concrete producers, including a load function, mix function and optional inclinometer.

“With our new SCT mixer control system, we’re now offering concrete producers technology never before seen in the concrete industry,” said Aaron Lian, Vice President and General Manager, Ready Mix Products for Schwing America.

Three key features of the patent-pending SCT system include:
Load function – This SCT functionality separates truck and drum RPM for better fuel economy, lower overall RPM and therefore longer drum life. By sensing the beginning of a batch plant load, the load function increases the drum RPM and truck engine speed when needed.
Mix function – An electronic functionality that monitors the mixer’s load progress and adjusts the drum RPM to a constant speed after 75 revolutions. The result is precise drum speed calculation that provides more comprehensive information for drivers and more usable payloads.
Optional inclinometer – A digital slump meter that works in tandem with drum angle sensors to adjust the drum speed. This level of precise measuring keeps concrete inside the drum, controls drum revolutions, prolongs drum life and helps prevents accidental discharge when driving the truck uphill.

“Our proprietary SCT system is the next generation of innovation for our proven SMART automatic constant speed technology.” Lian said. “After gathering input from our customers, Schwing America spent years researching, developing, designing and testing new control systems. The result of these efforts gave us the SCT – technology that is simply unheard of in the concrete production industry – making Schwing America a leader in mixer truck control system technology.”

As well as the new load function, mix function and optional inclinometer, the SCT system provides concrete producers additional functionality and features, including the following:
Greater fuel savings. The SCT separates engine and drum RPMs for better fuel economy and lower overall RPMs. The system senses the concrete components during charging and the SCT adjusts the truck and drum RPM to an optimal load setting, which saves fuel and drum wear.
Longer drum life. The SCT helps maintain the drum at lower constant speeds, which in turn saves on annual drum revolutions and helps extend the life of the drum.
Better quality concrete. Fewer mixer drum revolutions create more consistent concrete and the constant heat of hydration makes the mixer deliver a higher quality product.
Safer, more stable operations. Because drum revolutions are controlled better, the action gives a more balanced constant center of gravity, making the truck more stable and ultimately safer.
Safer controls allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and operate the mixer controls using rocker switches, an optional joystick, and buttons designed to be operated by touch rather than sight.
Programmable features include automatic constant drum speed RPM, discharge drum RPM, slump meter calibration and truck idle speed during charging. The SCT is programmed for the optimum drum speed for charging, mixing in transit and discharge.
Full diagnostics of the SCT electrical system are available at the touch of a button to determine electrical or mechanical troubleshooting.
Display offers a choice of buttons or touchscreen control, including a seven-inch full-color LCD with built-in back-up camera display.
Can-bus technology provides a durable network to allow multiple devices to communicate with one another. The SCT is built with multiple levels of redundancy if a control options fail.
Optional joystick performs chute and drum functions without requiring drivers to look away from the road.
Ergonomic wireless remote provides two-way communication and also displays the slump, drum RPM and drum count.
Safety stop feature to the wireless remote offers increased mixer control safety. The control system is mounted in-cab with full adjustability, which helps drivers focus on the road.

All mixer trucks and the SCT systems are designed and manufactured at Schwing America’s manufacturing facility in St. Paul, Minn.

About Schwing America

Schwing America is part of the Schwing Group, headquartered in Germany with plants as well as sales and service centers in several countries. Located in St. Paul, Minn., Schwing America manufactures industry leading concrete pumps, truck mixers, reclaimers and genuine parts for distribution in North and Latin America.