To our valued SCHWING customers:


For all individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, our hearts go out to you. We sincerely hope recent actions will stop the spread of the coronavirus and will help protect everyone affected, whether directly by infection or indirectly by impact to jobs, schooling, or safety.


SCHWING America is steadfastly committed to supporting your business throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working diligently to ensure we can continue to provide the exceptional customer service you expect from us.


Though these are unprecedented circumstances, we have always been committed to business continuity planning. The two main objectives of our plan are: 1) to protect our people; and 2) to minimize adverse impacts to our operations and our customers’ businesses due to major supply chain or other disruptions. Though no plan can guarantee uninterrupted service, our plan thus far has allowed us to maintain continuity of operations. We have designed and implemented our pandemic response continuity plans and continue to adjust those as the situation requires. Our efforts so far have safeguarded our people and enabled us to serve our customers in all locations. Our Senior Leadership Team is meeting daily and we will continue to monitor, assess, and react to this rapidly evolving situation.


We continue to implement prudent precautionary measures. The key measures include the following:
• Social distancing, including enabling a significant portion of staff in all offices to work from home
• Enhanced personal hygiene protocols
• Strict restrictions on local and international travel
• Shifting to virtual meetings internally and with customers
• Cancellation of all upcoming in-person customer events.


Note that we are actively evaluating alternative communication methods to continue to deliver important information to our employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders as quickly as possible and continue our service levels, whether that is sales, service, engineering, accounting, or other matters.


Please rest assured that SCHWING America is doing all that it reasonably can and that as an employee, customer and community focused company. We are operating from a well-conceived plan rooted in our in our expertise and in accordance with guidance from public health officials. More information about our Business Continuity Plan and COVID-19 Response can be found in the following resources:
• Pandemic Response Business Continuity Plan
• Sales, Service and Parts Support lines


Our communication in the past has consistently emphasized this informed dialogue from our teams to yours, as we are in this together. We feel this approach has always served us best and best addresses your specific, unique needs. But, in these unprecedented times, we also felt that it was important to send a general message to all our customers.


We will continue to provide updates as we receive them and as we feel that the facts and the impact to us would be useful to you. Thank you for your loyalty and ongoing commitment to our business partnership. Be safe, be alert to the needs of others, and please call on us if we can assist you in any way.


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