Expanded Schwing SPTO Line Proves Popular with Customers


Schwing SPTO truck-mounted stationary pumps now include four models with outputs to 182 cubic yards per hour. The SPTO line is popular with contractors who want a maneuverable truck mounted line pump that can be easily positioned on the job site while servicing residential and commercial projects. Options range from 70 to 182 cubic yards per hour from twin cylinder, all-hydraulic pumps equipped with Schwing’s exclusive Rock Valve.

SPTO models take their power from the truck’s engine. Popular mounting choices include the International 4300 and Mack models GU532 and GU812 single axle trucks. The four SPTO models designations are:

• SPTO 1000: 70 cubic yards per hour, 1100 psi pressure on concrete
with up to 1.5-inch aggregate
• SPTO 1250: 95 cubic yards per hour, 942 psi on concrete with up to 1.5-inch aggregate
• SPTO 2000: 118 cubic yards per hour, up to 1568 psi on concrete with up to 2.5-inch aggregate
• SPTO 4000: 182 cubic yards per hour, 1233 psi on concrete with up to 2.5-inch aggregate

The SPTO 2000 can be switched from high pressure to high volume depending on the application.

ALL SPTO models are equipped with dual shifting Rock Valves that provide low maintenance operation and long lasting wear parts. Fast clean-up of the valve requires less water than other valve types for faster turn around between jobs and more productivity. The open loop design of Schwing’s hydraulic system requires less horsepower for fuel-effcient operation. Owners report a quick return on investment because of low initial cost, low operating costs and high utilization.

Optional accessories include pipe racks and clamp storage for concrete, shotcrete and grout pumping projects.