First Schwing S 61 SX Permitted in Alberta

The first Schwing S 61 SX has been delivered to Alberta Canada for longtime customer Noremac in Edmonton. The pumping company has operated for more than 30 years in western Canada using Schwing equipment exclusively. “We’ve wanted one for a long time but the provincial government’s transport engineering and weight policy has prohibited it in its normal configuration,” Noremac owner Cameron Currah explains. Schwing engineers working with the provincial government were able to modify the standard 61-meter to allow it to operate with permits in the province.

“We created a design that was close to their standards and then executed the final product which they accepted with some deviations to their specifications,“ explains Scott Roisum, Schwing’s director of engineering and manufacturing. Initially the spacing between the front two steer axles was too wide to meet the Alberta government’s specifications. “We added a third steer axle on the front, but still had slightly wider axle spacing than their statute, but they accepted our deviation because it met the axle loading requirements for operation in summer, winter and fall,” Roisum says.

The S 61 SX is also fitted with super single tires that are low profile, 17-inch wide tires that have a load rating equal to or greater than a pair of conventional 22.5 tires. The revised seven axle chassis also utilizes a rear steer axle to provide a shorter turning radius. Schwing’s factory collaborated with Concrete Pump Repair (CPR) that is the company’s repair and refurbish outlet for pre-owned concrete pumps.

“This is a case of our engineering department persevering on behalf of a good customer to deliver a first for their market, “ states Tom O’Malley, Schwing senior vice-president of sales and marketing,“ It was a concerted effort between our regional manager Matt Donnelly, Noremac, Schwing engineering, CPR and the provincial government of Alberta.”

For more information on modifying existing Schwing equipment to meet the requirements of your market, call 1-888-SCHWING.