Operator uses 5-section RZ5 boom’s 270-degree tip section to maneuver end hose on tight site.

One-setup in crowded coastal community means the operator uses all of the S 52 SX ‘s 158’2” boom reach to cover the entire pour.

Curved Super X outriggers are a favorite of the owner to telescope out and around obstacles like construction material container at right.

“Big AL” is the nickname of the S 52 SX concrete pump to honor the late founder of Farino Construction Services, Al Farino.

Full Service Combines with Customer Service On High End Residential Project

In a contradiction to slow residential construction throughout the U.S., a California pumper is showing how adding services and providing exceptional customer service are a formula for success on a luxurious housing development in Orange County, California. Farino Construction Services, Inc., Lake Forest, CA recently completed footings, slabs and walls for a 10,000 square foot home in Montage Laguna Beach, a Seacrest Development property that encompasses 30 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Pump operations manager, Matt Smith describes the project which is typical of the “basement homes” in the development, “This project required footings, one 24” mat slab and a 6” finished slab and walls which we pumped in three separate pours.” Because height restrictions are in effect on the California coast, the home has a large subterranean level that will become a garage and theatre area for the owner.

The company put their one year old Schwing S 52 SX with 170-feet of vertical and 158-feet of horizontal reach on the project. The pump is one of the first of its kind with the RZ5 boom that combines a Roll and Fold design with a 270-degree Z tip section. “In a tight situation it is nice to have five shorter sections, “Smith explained, “And we can maneuver the tip section under trees if we have to.” The six-axle chassis was also easy to permit, according to Smith, “It qualifies for the purple permit and is well within the guidelines which means we have very few restrictions.”

“You need the reach for these basement homes because you can’t leave the road and the footprints are large,” Smith explained, “Even though some of these lots start at $10 million and up, you are really pinned in and you want a high volume pump because the pour sizes are substantial.” The project at Montage required 600 yards, but other residential pumping projects in the area have been more than 1700 yards. Typical mix is a 4500 psi design with one-inch rock. “The pumpkit on the 52 is the quietest we have ever had which is appreciated by the developer in these residential communities, “ Smith noted. The Generation 3 2525H-6 pump on the S 52 SX features 10-inch diameter material cylinders with 98-inch stroke. Smith added, “With the large diameter pumping cylinders and long stroke we can pump slower and still achieve the volume.”

Smith also commented on the S 52 SX’s unique curved telescopic Super X outriggers, “You can stick them into the tightest situations on these cramped lots. This is the first pump that we have never been limited by the outriggers.”

The company is also providing the ready-mix on the project. “This is a great combination for us because on some of these residential projects there may be as many as 12 pours and we can schedule the spacing of the trucks and not have mix sitting in trucks,” explained Rick Farino, owner of the company. While many ready-mix firms end up buying pumps, Farino actually started as a pump operator and expanded into ready-mix. This full service capability has paid off for the company. “The customer only needs to make one call, “ Farino stated, “And we are responsible for the rest.” Farino noted that his crews keep the equipment looking like new which is important to the developers of high end properties. “When the customer comes out to see the progress on his multi-million dollar home, the developer doesn’t want beat-up equipment on site,” according to Farino. He added that his company is required to keep the streets clean in existing luxury neighborhoods which is easier when you are also controlling truck mixer traffic on a project. The company operates 20 mixers out of their batch plant.

The full service capabilities and emphasis on excellent customer service has provided Farino Construction Services with a very loyal customer base. “Our word of mouth reputation started with the founder of the company, Al Farino, who started as a mason and concrete contractor in south Orange County in the late 60’s, “ explains Smith. Son Rick has expanded into the full service operation it is today with two boom pumps, four shotcrete pumps and five pea gravel pumps. Although “Big Al” has passed away, his memory lives on every time the company dispatches their S 52 SX. “The Schwing guys put “Big Al” on the outriggers of our pump when they painted it. Our customers still call up and request that we send Big Al to their job.


Project: Residence in Montage Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, CA
Owner: Seacrest Development, Laguna Beach, CA
General Contractor: Seacrest Development, Laguna Beach, CA
Pumping Contractor and Ready-Mix Supplier: Farino Construction Services, lake Forest, CA
Equipment: Schwing S 52 SX truck mounted concrete pump with RZ5 placing boom