Adjustable Forms is constructing the concrete frame for the 36-story 215 West Lake tower in downtown Chicago.

SP 4800 stationary pump is located below the high-rise structure with room for two truck mixers to supply ready-mix simultaneously. Tier 4 certified SP 4800 concrete pump uses a Caterpillar engine that meets stringent emissions required on some projects.

The new pump incorporates high pressure or high volume electronic switching from the control panel.

SPB35 is mounted to the climbing form system utilizing an X-frame from the manufacturer Schwing.

All areas of the 9,515 square foot decks are reachable with the 131’ 10” horizontal reach of the placing boom.

Going Green With Tier 4 Pump On Chicago High-Rise

Adjustable Forms is an 85-year old concrete frame contractor who has built “an awful lot” of high-rise structures in the Chicago area, according to President Jim Lindquist. The company’s mission To provide our customers and contractors the finest service, value and quality in the construction industry is evident on 215 West Lake, a 36 story apartment building in downtown Chicago. “By combining our experience with the latest technology in the preconstruction process we are able to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.” Lindquist says. The company has been able to utilize its expertise and the latest pumping technology on the new building currently under construction.

Following demolition of two existing buildings on the site and the pumping of the foundation by Andersen Concrete Pumping, New Holland, IL, Adjustable Forms began concrete pumping utilizing a Schwing separate placing boom and new Schwing SP 4800 stationary concrete pump. “The tight building site, with adjacent buildings, dictates the combination of a placing boom and pump to speed construction and keep truck mixers off the street,” Lindquist explains. The pump is located below the structure with ready-mix access for two truck mixers simultaneously.

The placing boom is located on the central core form. The Schwing SPB 35 mounts to an x-frame bolted to the self-climbing form system. With 113’ 10” of horizontal reach, the four-section Roll and Fold™ boom is able to cover the entire 9,515 square feet of a typical floor from its elevated position. An electrically powered hydraulic powerpack is integral to the placing boom with proportional radio remote control. The core stays two stories ahead of the columns and decks. This configuration has been in place since early April proceeding at the rate of one floor every three days.

The SP 4800 providing the mix to the placing boom is a new 2017 model. “The Tier 4 compliance is something we wanted to offer our customers,” explains Derek Wienkes, equipment manager, “And we like the parts and service convenience of the CAT® engine.” The SP 4800 has met the company’s goal of 80 cubic yards per hour pumping the core and deck mixes supplied by Ozinga, with ready-mix plants in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. In business for 85 years, the ready-mix supplier and Adjustable Forms have combined their efforts, on many projects. The company averages 100,000 yards of concrete per year through their Schwing concrete pumps.

Besides the environmental advantages of the low emissions diesel powering the SP 4800, Wienkes mentioned other features of the new pump that have been advantageous on the 215 Lake Street project, “The front door of the project is just footsteps from the theatre district and the best dining and shopping in Chicago,” according to Wienkes, “And the 4800 comes with a new fiberglass shroud that reduces noise considerably which is important in an urban setting.” The shroud incorporates large access doors on both sides that facilitate service.

As the structure has climbed to its current 32-floor height, the pump operator has been able to switch the pump between high volume (124 cubic yards per hour on Rod Side) and high-pressure (2349 psi on Piston Side) settings with a new electronic switching system located on the control panel. “This is a huge convenience to just flip a switch to reroute the hydraulic oil for high pressure or high volume pumping as needed,” explains Wienkes. The pumpkit that Adjustable specified is the 2020-5 140/85 MPS with 8-inch material cylinders, 5.5-inch differential cylinders and open loop hydraulics. “Combined with the 400 horsepower CAT® C9.3 Acert Tier 4 Final engine and the ability to apply 2349 psi on the concrete, this pump can handle most of our projects,” says Wienkes, “Based on our experience on 215 West Lake, we bought another SP 4800 which is going out on its first project today.” The company has also ordered a new SP 9000 that shares many of the same features as the SP 4800 but with more horsepower. All Schwing high-rise pumps utilize the proven Rock Valve for high pressure pumping applications. As pressure from the concrete acts on a spring, a tighter seal is created between the carbide cutting ring and the wear plate. In addition, Adjustable’s Tier 4 4800 is equipped with new twin-shifting cylinders on the Rock Valve. The single acting cylinders shift smoother and improve efficiencies.

The structure topped out in October with scheduled completion in late 2017. The 265-unit residential building will cover more than 365,000 square feet. The building includes three floors of parking and retail amenities on the ground floor. The developer is Roszak-Moceri and architect is Thomas Roszak Architecture, both of Chicago, IL. In addition to adding another building to its high-rise resume in 2016, Adjustable Forms was also honored with the 2016 Safety Improvement Award by the Builders Association. “We have a very strong commitment to safety with three project safety managers on our staff,” states Lindquist, “We are concerned with the nuances of safety and recently started adding sleeves to high-pressure lines at the pump to mitigate any danger in case of a failure.”

2015 West Lake is LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and a perfect fit for Adjustable Forms Tier 4 initiative. “With a focus on safety, quality, and performance, we combine strong leadership with the most cutting-edge technology and equipment to deliver the best possible results for our customers,” Lindquist proudly states.



Owner/Architect: Thomas Roszak Architecture, Chicago, IL
Developer: Roszak-Moceri, Chicago, IL
General Contractor: Clark Construction, Chicago, IL
Ready-Mix Suppliers: Ozinga, Chicago, IL
Concrete Frame Contractor: Adjustable Forms, Inc., Lombard, IL
Concrete Pumping Equipment: Schwing SP4800 Tier4 stationary concrete pump, Schwing SPB35 separate placing boom