Harsh-Mix Kit Upgrades

Schwing Harsh-Mix Kit Now Includes CCI-lined Backend

Pumping professionals faced with applications in which the mix design is harsh can benefit from Schwing’s optional Harsh Mix Kit which now includes a Chrome Carbide Lined (CCI) backend.

The Harsh Mix Kit is comprised of 6” CCI lined pipeline on the backend that transitions into a long (3-meter) 6” to 5” reducer pipe. That reducer pipe is also CCI-lined and provides an extended transition to create a pumpable column of concrete while decreasing pumping pressure. Chrome carbide-lined pipe has been shown to last up to twice as long as standard hardened pipe, thereby making adaptability to even ultra-harsh mixes ideal.

The remaining component of the Harsh Mix Kit includes S3000 (TW5+2) deck pipeline which runs to the placing boom. TW5+2 pipe features a 5.6 mm wear-resistant pipe liner and a 3.0mm steel shell, with chrome carbide-lined ends for wear protection at the coupling joint.

The Harsh Mix Kit is available for Schwing boom pump models S28X through S65SXF.