LifeLine System Enhances Safety for Schwing Placing Booms

To help ensure the safety of personnel using its placing booms, Schwing now offers a LifeLine System utilizing a safety tie-off cable that can be used in conjunction with most fall-protection systems (FPS).

On Schwing SPB (separate placing boom) units, the boom is mounted to an octagonal mast or cross frame. According to Mark Berggren, Schwing publications supervisor, it is during the assembly process that workers are most at risk.

“With the boom attached via crane lifting cables and set into position, a worker must crawl out and straddle the first boom section to detach the cables from the lifting eyes once it is in place,” he said. “Obviously, that exposes them to the risk of slipping and falling. Now, before doing so, that worker can simply attach their fall-protection system to the safety tie-off cable installed on the first boom section and be confident that they are protected.”

Berggren added that the risk of a fall can also exist on the mast’s work platform. While discouraged from doing so, sometimes it’s necessary to be outside the work platform when performing maintenance or removing mounting pins. “This is an extremely dangerous practice, but attaching their FPS to the cable would provide a much-needed level of safety in those situations,” said Berggren.

The LifeLine System comes standard for all Schwing SPB 35 placing booms. Schwing can install this option at the factory for all new equipment, but customers can also purchase a kit to retrofit existing machines. If retrofitted, customers would be required to hire a Schwing-certified welder to perform the work.