The Schwing SPTO 4000 truck-mounted pump visits the site twice a week to plug into the system that feeds the separate placing boom.

SPB 35 offers 114’10” reach and is flown to one of two masts to cover the entire deck as the building climbs to 460-feet.

Ready-mix is cleaned out of the line at the end of the day by diverting it back into a transit mixer with a line encased in the control block.

The output from the SPB 35 is controlled by radio to the pump operator below and directed by the boom operator on the deck using wireless remote control.

The Bridgestone Tower at 30 stories will be the tallest corporate headquarters building in Nashville.

Mobile Pump and Separate Placing Boom Build Bridgestone HQ

Using a combination of truck-mounted pumps and a separate placing boom, Concrete Pump Partners (CPP) is placing the concrete on the new headquarters for Bridgestone Americas, Inc. in downtown Nashville. CPP, also with headquarters in Nashville is celebrating their 10th anniversary with several separate placing boom projects in the area. The Bridgestone Tower at 30 stories will be the tallest pumped to date by CPP.

Brasfield & Gorrie, operating out of their Nashville office is the general contractor on the project. They broke ground on the project in January 2015 and rapidly began excavation to 55-feet below grade for the four-story underground parking facility. “We put four of our largest Schwing booms on the foundation pour,” according to Jason Pitt. CPPs operations manager, “Those included our S 41 SX, KVM 52, S 58 SX and S 61 SX.” High traffic volume in the area and proximity to existing buildings such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Symphony Hall all combined to make access to the site difficult. “The ability to set-up in a small area with our long booms helped to pump the below grade pours efficiently, “ according to Pitt, “Having a front outrigger spread of less than 30’ on the 61 really payed off on this tight job site.”

The company’s S 61 SX continued on the structure above grade to the fourth level. “We had the boom maxed out, but with 200 yards per hour capability, the pump was easily able to stay ahead of the finishers, “ Pitt notes. “The flexibility of the overhead Roll and Fold™ boom and 197-feet of reach got us to level 5, where we switched to a separate placing boom with two mast locations”.

“We have only been using separate placing booms for two years, “explains Pitt, “Thanks to Schwing we were able to seamlessly integrate the method into our company and today we have three separate placing boom projects underway.” The company recently purchased a detachable-boom S 39 SX that allows the boom to be removed from the truck chassis and placed on a mast for future projects. With simple four-pin mounting the boom can be flown quickly to multiple masts with the quick-disconnect feature. “We will be able to use the detachable-boom pump for conventional pours one day and fly it to a mast for separate placing boom duty the next day,” explains Pitt, “It’s all about utilization.” The detachable-boom option is accompanied by the 2023-5 130/80 MPS pump kit with high pressure capabilities for pumping high-rise structures.

CPP is using the Schwing octagonal masts that are available in four and six-meter lengths. Because of floor spacing on the Bridgestone Tower, the company is using three six-meter sections for each mast. The short lengths make transport to the job site easier and the sections bolt together on site. “The masts only need 41 inch floor openings and utilize frames with pins and wedges,” Pitt says, “The tower crane is able to fly the booms and raise the masts as the job progresses.” Mast accessories have also been added with brackets welded on each mast section from the factory that accept ladder/pipeline holders allowing fast installation. CPP is using standard length ladders with bolt on back protectors and galvanized metal work platforms that are options to give workers a stable environment when mounting or operating the placing boom. The same octagonal mast sections work in free-standing and self-climbing applications.

The Schwing SPB 35’s design allows the boom to be separated from the hydraulic powerpack to provide a picking weight for the boom of less than 13,000 pounds. The project’s two tower cranes are able to fly the booms and raise the masts for the next pour in an hour. CPP crews use the quick-attach hydraulic hoses and four-pin mounting system to speed the process. Schwing’s four-section Roll & Fold™ boom design combines 694 degrees of usable boom articulation allowing operators to place concrete back to the mast at any elevation and cover up to 49,000 square feet from one location. The configuration of the decks on the Bridgestone Tower allow all areas to be accessed with the boom’s 114’ 10” reach from the two mast locations.

Two pours of approximately 300 cubic yards each are required per floor for the post-tensioned deck, core and columns. Slab mix is 5,000 psi with 9,000 psi concrete being pumped into columns. CPP is using their Schwing SPTO 4000 truck-mounted pump twice a week on the project. The 2023-6 120/80 MPS pumpkit offers 182 cubic yards per hour output with up to 1233 psi applied to the concrete. “It maneuvers in and out of the site quickly and makes more sense than a trailer pump parked on the project,” according to Pitt. The pump is equipped with a Big Rock Valve and the machine services more than one CPP placing boom project by pumping at high volume to high-rise heights. “This tower should top out at approximately 460-feet,” says Pitt, “The pump will have no problem finishing the job.”

“Adding separate placing booms and the new detachable boom truck pump to our fleet was an outcome of finding solutions for our customer’s needs,” Pitt explains, “And the whole company shares a customer service first philosophy.” Growing from a two pump company to a 14 pump fleet in 10 years has also been the result of quality equipment and a professional approach to concrete pumping. “Our owner Jon Kemp insists that all of our operators are ACPA certified and we conduct annual boom inspections,“ he notes, “Our boom inspection program and certified operators are important to Brasfield & Gorrie who partners with OSHA on their projects.“
The 514,000-square-foot, $200 million headquarters building will be LEED-certified at the Gold level and reflect best practices in workplace space design. The facility is intended to be primarily single-tenant office occupied. Upon completion in mid to late 2017, it will stand among the largest and tallest corporate headquarters buildings in Nashville.



Owner: Bridgestone Americas, Inc. Nashville, TN
Developer: Highwoods Properties, Raleigh, NC
General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie, Nashville, TN
Concrete Pumper: Concrete Pump Partners, Nashville, TN
Equipment: Schwing S 41 SX, KVM 52, S 58 SX and S 61 SX truck-mounted concrete pumps with placing booms, SPTO 4000 truck-mounted pump, two Octagonal mast systems and SPB 35 separate placing boom