New Schwing S 47 SX III

Brings 5-Section HyperExtension to Long Booms

Schwing has introduced the new S 47 SX III with five-section Hyper Extension Roll and Fold® that exceeds the capabilities of traditional Roll and Fold® and Z- booms to create the ideal boom ideal for overall pumping and placing efficiency. Operators will appreciate the 890-degrees of total articulation including a 215-degree tip section. With a slewing range of 730 degrees and four EASy one-sided outrigger configurations, the boom adapts to many job sites while featuring 151’4” of vertical reach.

Schwing’s EASy System reduces the footprint and allows contractors the flexibility to set-up in areas without impeding traffic while allowing maximum reach on the pour side. All allowable EASy setups are integrated into Schwing’s VECTOR Controls so even during the critical set up phase, VECTOR monitors and ensures the safety of the pump and its operator. The working range limitations are guarded against operator “over-ride” with audible signal and reduced boom speed.

Super X outriggers continue to set the standard for set up in tight situations with their curved, telescoping design. And a shorter chassis means the S 47 SX III maneuvers like smaller booms. Full five-inch pipe pairs with the highest output Schwing pumpkits for maximum utilization on every project with 213 cubic yards per hour available.

Standard is the Big Rock with extended housing to better feed the sequencing valve. No other valve combines the lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding. As the most accessible valve in the industry, the Rock Valve™ shortens cleanup time while using less water. Fewer replacement parts increase pump availability for higher return on investment.