Job Stories


May 2021

A massive condo development is taking shape on the Florida coast Five years ago, in the pages of this very publication, readers were introduced to Allen Concrete and Masonry, Inc. (ACM), a family-owned, full-service concrete contractor based out of Naples, Florida. At that time, the company was just embarking on a massive gulf coast development […]

Mountain Project Anything but Rocky

December 2020

  Contractor and pump company get creative in new Denver-area development. The importance of a good relationship between the concrete contractor and the pumping contractor cannot be overstated. Everything from pump type selection, to scheduling, to equipment positioning and movement is predicated on cooperation and collaboration between these two key parties. Nowhere is that more […]

From a Lot, to “A Lot!”

October 2020

A pair of detachable placing booms is helping McGough Construction give a Minneapolis parking area the ultimate makeover. As it is in most major U.S. cities today, real estate in downtown Minneapolis is at a premium and is generally developed as quickly as an existing structure can be cleared. However, in the heart of the […]

Capping Off a Problem

October 2020

Smaller pump helps TIC alleviate South Carolina bridge deficiencies. It was one of those projects where size — or the lack of it — really mattered. And ultimately proved to be a case in which good things really did come in small packages. Tired adages aside, on a project to repair a 55 year-old bridge […]

Pumps “Go to Eleven”

August 2020

Range of equipment — including truck-mounted pumps and a detachable placing boom — excel in Twin Cities’ newest luxury high-rise project. There’s little denying that concrete pumps are adept at delivering massive volumes of concrete to huge, sprawling projects — it’s in their DNA. However, a pump’s value is perhaps even more keenly felt on […]

Lowering the Boom

August 2020

Exceptionally tight clearance issues are no problem for pumps in massive plant expansion. Almost everyone in concrete pumping today has their share of captivating stories about their most challenging projects: the biggest pour, the highest pour, the longest pour, the most intense mix design, their most demanding client, and so on. Thanks to a project […]

Austin Tower: Plan of Mystery

May 2020

Western Concrete Pumping helps create unique office building for unnamed client. To paraphrase a time-worn adage: there are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes and development in Texas. The latest proof of that is a 35-story, nearly 800,000 square foot architectural gem taking shape in downtown Austin’s blossoming Waterfront District. When complete, […]

Trailer Pump Provides “X-cellent” Results

January 2020

Pumper helps make all the Backside 180s, Noseblunt Stalls, Pop Shove-its, and Fakie 720s possible at this year’s X Games   Brad Jensen founder and owner of , Jensen Concrete Pumping & Services, sees himself as a traditional concrete pumping professional. And the tagline of his company: “Serving All 10,000 Minnesota Lakes’ Concrete Pumping Needs,” […]

Peak Performance

January 2020

The high points of pumping concrete on “America’s Mountain   Every owner of a concrete pump expects that machine to perform as designed. Even when confronted with moderately adverse conditions such as high or low temps or extreme bouts of heavy rain or snow, expectations are that the pump will do its job. But when […]

Top Down Success

October 2019

Using a range of unconventional approaches, McShane Construction creates a “Minnesota Miracle” of its own. For construction and concrete pumping professionals confronted with challenges, thinking outside of the box is part of the job description. Generally the exception rather than the rule, innovation must have seemed like the order of the day for McShane Construction […]