On-Board Filtration Upgrades

Schwing Upgrades Optional On-Board Filtration for Boom Pumps

To further reduce component wear and lower maintenance/operating costs, Schwing announces an available upgrade to existing on-board hydraulic oil filtration systems. The alternative filter is available as an option and, according to Mark Berggren, Schwing publications supervisor, offers several advantages over the previous system offered.

“This new system from Precision Filter Systems (PFS) takes out water and removes solid particles from the hydraulic system,” he said. “Contamination from water and particles smaller than 10 microns in size is the leading cause of hydraulic system component wear and failure. We worked with PFS to design a filtration system that improves overall system performance. In fact, the filtration system manufacturer guarantees that, after 200 hours of filtration, the hydraulic oil in the system will be cleaner than brand new hydraulic oil.”

The 3-micron, depth-type filters are known to be the most efficient filtration method available today and serve as an excellent complement to the 10-micron filter provided as standard by Schwing. Other benefits include a reduction in component wear; lower maintenance & operating costs; longer valve, pump, and machine life; continuous filtration during operation; and a cooler running system.

“The new system will be available on all 2019-manufactured Schwing boom pumps,” added Berggren. “However, kits to retrofit existing units will also be available. Both installation and subsequent filter servicing are easy and the return on investment from making the switch will be quick. It’s a nice upgrade for anyone wanting to maximize the life of their pump.”