Conventional Series II


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It started 75 years ago with the original Stetter mixer company and today since the merger with Schwing-Stetter the result is the largest mixer company in the world. Today well known Schwing-Stetter craftsmanship is applied to every mixer at one of our worldwide plants where certified welders and assemblers form and shape the products from raw materials chosen and inspected for their durability. Attention to detail means drum trueness within .125 of an inch that translates to balanced operation, smoothness and long wear life.

Our low profile design results in the fastest charging mixer and a smooth discharge ideal for flatout paving or low slump controlled discharge slipforming. And drivers report they can feel the difference of our design with 13% lower center of gravity. And you’ll feel the difference too when you realize the benefits of this competitively priced mixer like faster load cycling, more deliveries per day and the longevity of Schwing-Stetter products.




Mixing Capacity* 10 cu yds/ 7.6 cu m 10.5 cu yds/ 8 cu m 11 cu yds/ 8.4 cu m 12 cu yds/ 9.2 cu m
Agitator Volume** 13.3 cu yds/ 10.1 cu m 14 cu yds/ 10.7 cu m 14.8 cu yds/ 11.3 cu m 16 cu yds/ 12.4 cu m
Gross Drum Volume 450 cu ft/ 12.7 cu m 471 cu ft/ 13.3 cu m 496 cu ft/ 14 cu m 544 cu ft/ 15.4 cu m
A -Back of Cab to End of Charge Hopper
224 in/ 569 cm 230 in/ 584 cm 236 in/ 599 cm 250 in/ 635 cm
B -Min. Length of Platform
200 in/ 508 cm 206 in/ 523 cm 212 in/ 538 cm 226 in/ 574 cm
C -Charge Hopper Height
101.5 in/ 258 cm 101.5 in/ 258 cm 101.5 in/ 258 cm 101.5 in/ 258 cm
D -Height of Mixer Unit 105 in/ 266 cm 105 in/ 266 cm 105 in/ 266 cm 105 in/ 266 cm

* Agitator rating will vary with conditions.
** Drum complies with standards set by Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Optional Smart Drum

Gain control of drum rpm with the new SMART Drum option from Schwing-Stetter. The benefits of a constant speed drum are combined with an innovative control system to optimize drum rpm…automatically.  


Chromium abrasion-resistant steel.  

Drum Track

Forged Steel wide roller track to lower stress between drum roller and track.  

Gear Box

Two stage 7000 series ZF drive gear box with a deep reduction drive.  


Bolted in place 19” x 24.” Located in the front section of the drum. Additional hatch available (Consult Factory).  

Rear Ladder

New ladder design folds down and angles out for easier ascent by drivers. Water plumbed to wash station and at ground level with diversion valve.  

Swing Chutes - Four Foot Chute

5’6” chute with 3’2” foldover and one 4’ chute side frame mounted. Optional liners and additional 4’ chutes available.  

Drum Roller

Surface hardened 8-inch diameter alloy steel with tapered Timken™ roller bearings with center shaft lubrication. Remote central greasing standard.  

Charging Hopper

Charging Hopper 44.5" x 28.5" opening with 30" throat for smooth charging.  

Discharge Hopper

New 20% larger design for easier clean-up and better flow with 45 degree drop angle.


Chute Pivot

2 TimkenTM greasable roller bearings insures smooth pivoting.  

7 Position Chute Lock

7 positions with positive lock. Remote central greasing for easy maintenance of dual Timken™ roller bearings.  

Wireless Controls

The durable remote control system allows drivers to start and stop the drum, switch from discharge to charge, throttle up or down, lock or unlock and rotate the chute. Remote is equipped with a powerful magnet for attachment to virtually any part of the truck mixer. The transmitter hops frequencies for a strong signal without interference from competing signals. Mounts in cab for charging next to LED display for instant status and control of drum stop/start, chute lock, throttle up/down, tilt hopper, work lights and up/down/stop and pressure of the booster axle. The system also stores drum speed history and revolutions. An error message displays codes for trouble-shooting.  

Rear Pendant Control

Rear Pendant Control is optional with 25-foot hard wire control.



Eaton variable displacement all hydraulic piston pumps with fixed displacement hydraulic motor.  

Water Tank

125 gallon side mounted pressurized steel or stainless steel water tank.  


Full width smooth top steel or aluminum.  

Front Frame

Mounted each side with two positions. One rigid mount and one with a spring connection.  


Polyurethane two part top coat.  
“After talking to Schwing-Stetter, we realized our roll-overs were probably preventable. Since we added Smart Drums four years ago, we haven’t had any roll-overs.”

- Joey Ditta, Carlo Ditta Ready-Mix Concrete, Harvey, LA  
  “We definitely experience faster loading with our Schwing-Stetter mixers and in the ready-mix business it’s all about time. The batch man says they load in half the time of our other mixers. That’s why our last twelve units have been Schwing-Stetters. And the stability is unbelievable. The lower center of gravity was a big selling point. Our drivers love them”

- Floyd Carr, President Carr Bros. Ready-Mixed Concrete, Walton Hills, OH  
  “We tested the Schwing-Stetter mixers after talking to other owners and purchased them based on their excellent charging rate, the stability and quality. One of our customers pours median traffic barriers at less than one-inch slump and the height of the barriers is about five-feet. He asks specifically for the ready-mix to be delivered in a Schwing-Stetter because of the way it discharges the stiff mix so smoothly out of a fairly level chute.”

- Norm Jagger, Vice-President and GM, Aggregate Industries, Eagan, MN
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