GLA 85





Vertical Reach 83 ft 26 m
Horizontal Reach 70 ft 21 m
Boom Type/ Sections Roll & Fold/ 3
Boom Rotation 730 degrees
Boom Main Section 25′ 6″ 7775 mm
Boom Second Section 22′ 9″ 6927 mm
Boom Third Section 21′ 9″ 6630 mm
Outrigger Spread-Front (side to side) 20′ 5″ 6.21 m
Outrigger Spread-Rear (side to side) 18′ 8″ 5.70 m
Outrigger Spread-Length (front to back) 24′ 6″ 7.45 m
Outrigger Type Fully Hydraulic, Extension and Jacking
Pipeline (316 Stainless Steel) 6″ 152.4 mm
Hydraulic Tank 98 gal. 370 L
Controls Manual, optional radio remote control available
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

GLA-85 High Flow Articulating Fire Boom

Higher standards of security and safety are now achievable when you have the superior protection of a Schwing Fire Boom. The three section articulated design allows elevated fire fighting to reach up, out, down and over obstructions and pin-point high volume 5,000 gpm flow for maximum effectiveness. This strategic boom positioning far exceeds the usefulness of a telescoping ladder or fixed spray systems and the 1000-pound lifting capacity can be a lifesaver in rescue situations. Fire companies have the confidence in the construction grade durability of the Schwing system that combines easy-to-use controls and fast acting hydraulics for fast set-up at an incident. Widely accepted around the world, Schwing equipment is manufactured at our 400,000 square foot factory in Minnesota where the highest standards of fabrication, assembly and testing are maintained. Demand more from your fire fighting equipment with Schwing fire booms proven in the demanding construction environment.

Boom Controls

Fully proportional boom controls offer easy operation and combine with remote control monitors to provide up to 5000 gpm output from one elevated nozzle.

X Outriggers

X-style outriggers speed deployment with set-up in as little as 1.8 minutes.
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