RA-20 / RA-6


Schwing engineers introduced the washing drum principle reclaimer in 1976 to achieve 100% recycling of aggregates, sand and gray water. It has proven popular with U.S. producers for its low water consumption, low wear and minimal maintenance. The quality of the reclaimed aggregates and the cut-size of sand fines that are washed out with the gray water are unsurpassed. Models include the RA-20 with processing of up to 30 cu.yds/hr. and the RA-6 with 8 yds./hr. capacity. Options include complete gray water reuse packages, surge hoppers for rapid loading of up to 10 yds of concrete and a slide gate system to prevent overloading. Customers receive detailed plans for installation and customization to fit specific requirements.




Reclaiming Capacity, Normal Concrete 30 cu yds/hr 8 cu yds/hr
Feed Capacity (Initial, Empty Drum) 2.5 cu yds 1 cu yd
Feed Capacity (Continuous, after 2.5 cu. yd) 1 cu yd/ 2 min 1 cu yd/ 7.5 min
Max. Aggregate Size 3 in 3 in
Cut Size (max. fine agg particle size in gray water) .02 mm/ 65 mesh sieve .02 mm/ 65 mesh sieve
Drum Speed 4 rpm 6 rpm
Standard Hopper Size 10′ 6″ x 5′ 5′ 6″ dia, 4′ 6″ w
Optional Screw-fed Surge Trough Capacity 20′ x 6′ ; 10 cu yds N/A
Water Flow (Drum and Hopper) 20-30 gpm 15 gpm
Water Flow (Flush Boom) 250 gpm 250 gpm
Volume of Water in Drum 1,000 gal 250 gal
Shipping Weight 5.2 tons/ 10,400 lbs 2.5 tons/ 5,060 lbs
Dimensions of Plant Incl. Hopper 10’6″ x 24’6″ x 9’6″ 7’8″ x 22′ x 7’9″
Number of Truck Mixers Wash Stations:
—–with Standard rectangular Hopper 2 1
—–with Screw-fed Surge Trough up to 4 N/A
Standard Agitation Basin Dimensions 12′ x 12′ x 26′ adjustable
Standard Agitation Basin Capacity 25,000 gal adjustable
Above Ground Agitation Tank Dimensions 24′ x 8′ x 7′ adjustable
Above Ground Agitation Tank Capacity 9,500 gal adjustable

Automated Controls

Schwing reclaiming and recycling systems are controlled with Allen Bradley™ PLC panels with touch screen menu for adjusting settings.  

Installation Options


Basic System

Water and solids discharged to sedimentation pit system.  

100% Modular

Water and solids held in aboveground tank for portable installations and where excavation is not practical.  

100% System

Water and solids discharged to in-ground agitation tank for use as batch water.  

100% Drive Over

Screw-feed surge hopper with grate offers "no-backing" traffic pattern.  
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