SPTO 1250





Concrete Output Per Hour 95 cu yds 73 cu m
Maximum Pressure on Concrete 942 psi 65 bar
Maximum Aggregate Size 1.5 in 37 mm
Concrete Cylinder Diameter 7 in 180 mm
Concrete Cylinder Stroke Length 55 in 1400 mm
Differential Piston/Rod Diameter 3.15/ 2.16 in 80/ 55 mm
Outlet Diameter 5 in 125 mm
Concrete Valve Type Long Rock™
Shifting Cylinders 2
Max. Pump Strokes Per Minute 34
Volume Control 0 to Maximum
Hydraulic System Open Loop
Main Hydraulic Pump A11VLO130
Hydraulic Pressure 4785 psi 330 bar
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 98 gal 371 l
Engine Power 174 hp 129.5 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 gal 189 l
Hopper Capacity 11 cu ft .31 cu m
Remote Control Cable 100 ft 30.5 m
*Pump specifications are for standard units. Other units are available. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Choose the SP 1250 for the harshest mixes with up to 1.5 aggregate. Also works well for shotcrete projects.

  • Open loop, all-hydraulic concrete pump for fuel efficiency
  • Twin circuit hydraulics
  • Standard dual shifting cylinders
  • Standard hopper agitator
  • Long Rock Valve™ handles harsh mixes, shotcrete and grout
  • Fast cleanout with less water
  • Remote control standard
  • CAT powered

Rock Valve™

No other sequencing valve combines lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding as the Rock Valve™.
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