Rock Valve cleans up quickly with less water for high utilization and multiple pours in a day.

Schwing S 38 SX features Super X outriggers that set-up quickly and contribute to a tight 22’10” front spread that combines with the 122’5” boom reach.

Hyper Extension Roll and Fold five-section boom offers job forward articulation that includes a 230-degree tip section.

Ordered on a four-axle chassis with conventional cab truck, the 38-meter travels permit-free on Ohio roads saving time and money for Buckeye concrete pumping.

When not pumping foundations and walls on the project, the S 38 SX moves indoors with its versatile five-section boom to pump a maintenance facility on site.

Record Building Permits and No Overweight Permits

The Waterford at Sugarcreek luxury apartment project on the outskirts of Dayton, OH sits on a 25-acre plot. Because the developers want the units to be in harmony with nature, more than half of the land is devoted to open space. “This project was tailor made for our new Schwing S 38 SX which has a great reach to footprint ratio, “ explains Josh Craiglow, president of Buckeye Concrete Pumping with offices in Middletown, OH. The pumper is getting high utilization from the new machine for a number of reasons, including its ability to operate without permits on Ohio roads.

The project consists of 18 six-unit buildings designed using the Big House concept, giving each apartment the appearance of a typical single-family home. “There are nearly 30 pours required for the project and we average one pour a day when we are on site, “ according to Craiglow, “Using a compact 5-section boom allows us to maneuver on the property and the 22’10” front outrigger spread coupled with the 107-foot reach allows us to pump all of the footers, slabs and walls.”

Buckeye ordered the S 38 SX on a 4-axle conventional truck to comply with bridge laws and avoid permitting. “A permit for non-public projects is $200 per trip, “ explains Buckeye CEO Terry Craiglow, “With a high utilization machine like the 38-meter that can mean multiple trips per day. Now we run permit-free and use the machine for everything from poured walls to commercial work.” The 38-meter can also be ordered on a three-axle unit with a cab over chassis.

The S 38 SX is the latest truck-mounted concrete pump with placing boom from Schwing. It debuted at World of Concrete 2017 with a 5-section Hyper Extension Roll and Fold boom. “Every section exceeds the articulation of conventional booms,” explains Craiglow, “If we have to stick the tip into a building, the 230-degree articulation on the last section makes it easy. High utilization relates directly to income on a concrete pump and the 38 is a great tool to have in our fleet.” Buckeye currently has 10 boom pumps and five line pumps.

The apartment project’s generous open space means that the 18 building sites are clustered together requiring all the trades to share available space. “Because some of the buildings are well along and others just starting, every trade imaginable is on-site,” explains 14-year veteran Buckeye operator Tim Insley, Like so many residential sites, set-up is tight. “On commercial projects, they know what it takes to set-up a concrete pump and most of the contractors leave enough room, “ Insley states, “On single family residential projects or at multi-family jobs like Waterford they expect us to set-up, pump and get out of the way. Plus we have to leave enough room for traffic, so short-rigging is a must.”

The S 38 SX is equipped with the EASy Flex system of one-side outrigger set-up allowing the boom to be deployed off the work side. “The 38’s system lets me maneuver the boom over 135-degrees of slewing range with only the job side outriggers extended,” he explains, “That covers most of the situations, but if I have to extend the boom sweep to 200 degrees, I can extend the outside front outrigger part way.” When pumping directly over the cab, the S 38 SX can slew 60-degrees with only the front outriggers extended. The EASy Flex system has built in safeguards so that the boom cannot be rotated beyond the safe working range. “Knowing that you have the pump’s safety system backing you up is great piece of mind,” according to Insley, “ Between this job and others, I bet I use the EASy Flex system once a day.”

Despite the hectic nature of the project, Buckeye sometimes gets two pours done in a day. “The machine is really in demand,” according to Craiglow, “So if it is not working at Waterford, it is scheduled somewhere else.” The standard pump kit is the 2023-5 110/75 on the 4-axle bridge legal conventional cab S 38 SX with 173 cubic yards per hour output. The three-axle cab-over version utilizes a 2525H-6 120/85 pump that puts out 213 cubic yards per hour.

“The versatility of the boom is another asset on the job, “Insley says. “With five-sections it is shorter for better maneuverability of the truck when cradled, and unfolded it has all of its articulation on the pour side of the boom.” The Hyper Extension Roll and Fold boom is the first five-section boom Insley has operated. “it took a few weeks to get used to it but I have surprised myself on what it can do,” he explains. “On a recent bridge job, the customer wanted concrete under an overhang, and it reached in farther than all of us expected.”

As Waterford at Sugarcreek’s concrete work wraps up this summer, some residents will be moving in to the first buildings completed. They will enjoy an oversized resort-style saltwater pool with an expansive deck and gathering areas, as well as a fire pit lounge area and outdoor grilling station. A 6,000-square-foot clubhouse features an internet café, professionally designed community lounge, game room, and state-of-the-art fitness center.

Multi-family residential is on the rise nationally as baby boomers abandon the single-family home. The 2017 National Multifamily Investment Outlook estimates that 371,000 multi-family units will be completed this year. If that figure holds up, it means apartment construction will reach a record high – its highest level in 30 years. “Owning the right equipment to handle the changing needs of the market is important, “ Craiglow notes, “Versatile equipment means high utilization, which is key. That’s what we like about the 38, it can work almost anywhere with easy set-up and a maneuverable boom. I’m so confident in this concrete pump, we bought two.”



Owner/General Contractor: Miller Valentine Group, Dayton, OH
Architect: Humphreys & Partners, Chicago, IL
Concrete Contractor: Metcon, Bradford, OH
Concrete Pumper: Buckeye Concrete Pumping, Middletown, OH
Concrete Equipment: Schwing S 38 SX