Schwing Adds QR Codes for Rapid Reference

Schwing is beginning to add QR codes to some of its equipment for operators to easily download relevant information for their machines. By placing a phone over the code, a QR code reader will download a quick reference guide applicable to that equipment. These guides cover operation and troubleshooting tips that are invaluable for keeping the machine running at peak performance.

“One of the issues we see out in the field is operators not having access to critical operating or troubleshooting guides,” according to Tom O’Malley, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Schwing, “We want to make this information more accessible.” The QR codes will be applied to stationary and mobile concrete pumps, conveyors and truck mixers. Printable guides along with other service instructions can be downloaded from

QR code readers are available as a free app and are used widely in advertising and training. “By applying this technology to our customers’ pumps, we are providing on-demand education to maximize operation and productivity,” according to O’Malley.