Schwing S 20 Approved to Operate with 4” Pipeline – Minimizing Footprint

Adding to the versatility of the Schwing S 20, pump owners can now outfit their boom with 4” pipeline and take advantage of an even tighter footprint. With the outriggers retracted and extended fully down the S 20’s outrigger spread is reduced to the width of the truck. With this minimized footprint, pumpers still have complete use of the 63’ 9” four-section double Z fold boom with 270 degrees of articulation on the third and fourth sections. Also standard on the S 20 is Schwing’s 180 degree rotating outlet allowing operators to pump straight off the back end in either direction without adding elbows. The 2023-3 100/75 pump kit with 130 cy per hour capacity is robust enough for commercial pours and the max 1161 psi concrete pressure is powerful enough for those long pushes on system pours. Available on the Mack Granite or Kenworth T 370, the S 20 is the perfect addition for almost any pumping fleet.