Schwing Separate Placing Booms – Now Mount on Linden Comansa Towers

Linden Comansa MT12 Pin Tower

Schwing separate placing booms gain versatility with a new mounting system for the popular Linden Comansa MT12 pin tower.

Schwing’s best-selling line of Roll and Fold Placing Booms can now be mounted to the Linden Comansa MT 12 Pin Tower utilizing the standard four pin quick-connect system. Schwing and Linden Comansa worked together to design an adapter that allows all Schwing separate placing boom models to be mounted to Linden Comansa’s Tower.

Pumpers and contractors have always enjoyed the extended reach and maximum articulation of Schwing’s Roll and Fold Separate Placing Booms. Combined with the MT 12’s freestanding capabilities, this new combination adds to the versatility of both systems. When mounted on this tower, any Schwing boom can free stand up to 80′ without guy wires or bracing systems.

Schwing’s SPBs offer horizontal reach to 120-feet reach with up to 730 degree slewing range. All models share the Roll and Fold design that places all of the articulation on the working side of the boom. In freestanding applications it is important to have maximum articulation at all joints, particularly when you are pumping close to the tower.

The new mounting system is also compatible with the Schwing S 39 SX truck-mounted concrete pump with detachable placing boom that offers the lowest picking weight of any boom with 114-feet of reach. This is made possible because of the Schwing design that separates the hydraulic powerpack from the placing boom.

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