Schwing Templates Improve Placing Boom Set Up

For projects where the safe and accurate set-up of a free-standing placing boom is needed, Schwing announces a new series of Cross Frame Anchor Alignment Templates. Available for Schwing 28-meter, 35-meter, and 41-meter placing booms, the template simplifies the overall concrete foundation construction and Schwing Cross Frame installation process.

The two-part alignment template system is designed to assist users of Schwing placing booms in properly setting the anchor rods in the concrete foundation. The first part, the lower template, is secured to existing rebar and provides a fixed base for the anchor rods, while the upper template holds the anchor rod ends in proper gauge and location. When the foundation is poured, the lower template — a non-reusable component — gets buried in concrete. After the foundation is poured, the upper template is removed and reused on future foundation pours.

Though new, the templates have already made a difference in the field. According to Keith Crawford, owner of Texas-based Capital Pumping and ACPA member: “The new template was a much safer alternative to using the actual cross frame when aligning the rods.” Added Tom O’Malley, Schwing senior vice president of sales and marketing: “This solution will prove popular as the use of free-standing placing booms continues to grow, particularly on projects with limited pump truck access. This is just another case of Schwing working hard to improve safety and the overall concrete placing experience for its customers.”