Schwing Updates SP7000 Stationary Pump

The Schwing SP7000 now features the Caterpillar StageV C9.3 B engine, with increased horsepower from 400 hp to 415 hp. In addition, the new A20VLO190 twin hydraulic pump replaces two A11VLO 160’s, providing a more compact design while increasing oil flow. The flow direction of the radiator fan has changed to increase cooling. This combination of product improvements has resulted in higher concrete output from 124 cu yds to 148 cu yds on rod side and 81 cu yds to 97 cu yds on piston side. Maximum pressure on concrete remains at 160 bar (2320 psi). The SP7000 comes standard with SmartSwitch, which allows the operator to easily change between rod side and piston side pumping with the push of a button. The SP7000 also comes standard with the 2020-5 140/85 MPS pumpkit and RL-Rock valve, making it ideal for high output and high-pressure applications.

“Our customers really appreciate the SP 7000, particularly the SmartSwitch feature. We are confident the increased output will only add to the success of this pump” said Tom O’Malley, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Schwing America. The SP7000 can be ordered with the “Vario Pressure” option allowing operators to limit maximum pressure on concrete for specific applications or jobsite conditions.