Schwing White Board Video Explains Total Cost of Ownership

A new video from Schwing uses simple graphics and narration to explain the advantages of choosing quality equipment based on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Inspired by Schwing customers who have shared their TCO experience, the video uses hand drawn illustrations, rendered on-screen, as an entertaining course in TCO, which incorporates every expense of owning and operating a concrete pump. The net result is a better return on a concrete pump investment.

Viewers are guided through the presentation learning that Schwing equipment’s fuel efficiency, higher utilization, lower operating costs and reliability all justify a higher purchase price when calculated over a 10-year period. The presentation sketches out the quality and advantages of Schwing’s subframe design, notch-free welded booms, and all-hydraulic pump kits. The video goes on to explain the advantages of Schwing’s Rock Valve with lower cost per cubic yard and ease of servicing for increased uptime.

The video highlights that operating costs are 70 percent of TCO so fuel efficiency is a big contributor to cost savings along with faster set-up and clean-up. Schwing’s unparalleled residual value is also summarized, explaining how a used Schwing provides customers with more choices like pumping profitably for longer, selling for more money to a wider group of buyers, or trading-in for higher value on a larger boom pump.

The industries’ first whiteboard video concludes that when factoring every expense of a concrete pump, the purchase price of a new Schwing is only a little more than 3 percent of the Total Cost of Ownership. Successful Schwing owners have proven that when you consider the quality, operating costs. depreciation and residual value of a concrete pump, the ten year TCO favors Schwing by more than $100,000. See the video.