Schwing’s Longest Boom – The New S 65 SX

Schwing has added a new flagship model for 2018 and it is the longest boom in the company’s line. The new S 65 SX incorporates a five-section boom, with all five-inch pipeline for added benefits, while maintaining the versatility of their proven Overhead Roll and Fold design. In addition to providing 210’8” of vertical and 197’6” of horizontal reach, all 65SXs come standard with Schwing’s EASy one-sided outrigger system, minimizing the footprint of the pump for set up on crowded jobsites. The Super X telescopic front outrigger spread is balanced with rear slewing outriggers, which centers the hopper when set up in EASy configurations.

“Our customer advisory council had significant input into this design, and it was clear what they wanted, maximum reach in a five-section boom with 5” pipeline and a versatile outrigger system,” states Tom O’Malley, Schwing senior vice-president of sales and marketing. The new model will be displayed at World of Concrete 2018 held January 23-26 in Las Vegas.

The new pump retains the popular twin cylinder 2525H-6 120/85 MPS all-hydraulic concrete pump that has been refined with Symmetrical Switching. The new innovation provides faster switching of the Rock Valve for smoother operation and less boom bounce. The S 65 SX comes standard with the Big Rock with extended housing for better filling efficiency of the 10-inch diameter material cylinders. An important benefit of the Schwing design is large diameter, long stroke pumping cylinders that provide high volume while operating with fewer strokes per minute for less wear. Output is 213 cubic yards per hour with a maximum pressure on the concrete of 1169 psi.

“This is absolutely the most refined long boom in the world, “ adds O’Malley, “The number of pre-orders indicate demand to be high.”