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Intermediate ($1125 per person)
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Vector/EASy ($565 per person)
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Please Note:
When you submit your application along with payment, Schwing will make your hotel reservation for you. We will automatically reserve a room at our designated hotel. Attendees' reservations will be the Sunday before the seminar through Friday morning.If you need more nights or are sharing a room with another student, please indicate above.

Any cancellations must be done 3 weeks (21 days) before the start of a scheduled training session to avoid being billed for the cost of the training.

Attendees should plan to arrive the Sunday prior to their class and depart the following Friday.

Class runs from 8:00 am to approximately 4:30 pm.

Cell phones and recording equipment are NOT allowed in the training room.

Confirmation and instructions will be sent 30 days prior to scheduled class.