SP Track-Mounted Options Expanded

Schwing Expands Field of Track-Mounted Stationary Pumps

Customers seeking the efficiency and advantages of a track-mounted concrete pump now have an additional model available to them. The Schwing SPTM 1000 joins its counterparts, the SPTM 1250 and SPTM 2000 models in bringing the convenience and savings of a track-mounted concrete pump to their specialized job sites.

According to Jason Zignego, Schwing sales manager, SP Division, while designed for specific applications, the track-mounted feature is proving invaluable.

“Because they are self-maneuverable, track-mounted pumps have really proven themselves with companies doing auger-cast piling using a mobile drill rig,” he said. “A standard trailer pump with axle and tires needs a skid steer or other piece of equipment — and an operator — to continually pull it along with the rig as it moves from hole to hole. The track system eliminates that additional piece of equipment and the operator.”

The SPTM 1000 uses two-speed hydraulic motors powered by the pump’s Tier 4 CAT diesel engine to move at speeds up to 4.6 mph, can climb a 42-percent grade, and carries an integrated 100-gallon water tank and air compressor. Both the track system and pump functions are combined in a single radio remote control unit. Paddle style-joysticks provide directional control while Schwing Control Technology (SCT) provides pump functions and diagnostics through a digital display.

“Typically, customers purchasing these units are looking for high concrete volume performance to fill each drilled hole as quickly as possible,” added Zignego. “Their projects can often involve drilling thousands of holes, so efficiency is key. The track-mounted unit, with a 70 cubic yard output and 1,000 psi pressure on concrete, plays to those strengths nicely.”