Surround View System Adds to Pumping Safety and Efficiency


Schwing continues as a customer driven company and innovator in safety with the new ASL360 surround view option for boom pumps. The new option positions four wide-angle (185-degree) video cameras on the truck-mounted boom pump to provide a comprehensive in-cab operator view of the pump and surrounding area while driving. The system is installed on over 3 million vehicles of all types and improves safety and efficiency by giving the operator an expanded view of the pump.

With an in-cab screen, the operator has enhanced views of the pump and immediate area not available with mirrors. Cameras mounted front and back and along each side provide a bird’s eye view of traffic or job site obstructions that may interfere with set-up before the operator leaves the cab. The safety aspects of the system, including eliminating blind spots before moving the rig, are invaluable.

“This is an enhancement to the back-up cameras that are commonly found throughout the industry,” explains Tom O’Malley, senior vice-president sales and marketing. “The Schwing system actually overlaps views from the four cameras to provide comprehensive coverage.” Operators can toggle through the four cameras before starting any function. Overlays on the screen show where outriggers will land to speed safe set-up. The system also incorporates a rear view when the truck’s transmission is placed in reverse. Options include a DVR to record camera input.

For more about adding the surround view option to your Schwing pump, contact your Schwing representative or call 888-SCHWING.