Symmetrical Switching Standard on Schwing Pumps

Symmetrical Switching is the latest innovation from Schwing. The new addition to the company’s entire line of twin cylinder all-hydraulic concrete pumps will provide smoother and quieter operation. “While Symmetrical Switching is great for everyday pumping, the benefits are greater when pumping stiff mixes that generate higher concrete pressures, particularly when pumping high-rise buildings, “ according to Tom O’Malley, Schwing senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

In practice Symmetrical Switching allows the water box end of the differential cylinders to feed oil evenly into the bridge hose at both switch points. Equal pressure generates symmetrical switching of the complete pump kit. The high hydraulic pressure of the pushing cylinder generates the switching signal with resulting equal switching of the Rock Valve for faster switching and more continuous concrete flow. Boom bounce is reduced and performance with stiff concrete and high concrete pressures is optimized. An additional benefit is that the right-hand material cylinder retracts completely, even when plumbed on the piston side, for easier change-out of the ram.

Symmetrical Switching is standard on all boom pumps from the S20 to the S 65 SX and Stationary Pumps that utilize the Rock Valve.