Boom Styles

Choose the boom style that fits your market. Schwing brings more boom types to customers for more versatility and productivity. In all cases Schwing booms operate on a wide range of pours from residential to commercial for high utilization and fast return on investment.

Concrete Sequencing Valves

Schwing valve types match the requirements of each pump.

Concrete Reclaimer Technology

Schwing has a wide range of installation options for concrete reclaimers.

Generation 3 Pumpkit

The Generation 3 (G3) outperforms every other concrete pump on high visibility projects while also placing millions of yards of concrete on everyday pours. Proven Open Loop design requires less horsepower from the truck’s engine resulting in the most fuel efficient pumps available. Tests against competitors’ pumps show up to 63% less fuel consumption.

EASy Flex One-Sided Outrigger System

Reduce the footprint of selected pumps with one-sided outrigger system that allows full boom extension with safe operation through integration with boom controls.

Optional Rear Steer Axle

Get in and out of job sites with confidence thanks to the optional rear steer axle.


Optional Tremie Boom

A special tip section allows the S 36 X to accommodate up to a 45-foot tremie pipe providing the pipe’s wall thickness is not more than .125-inches. This option eliminates the need to support the tremie with a crane while pumping.

SPB Mounting Options

Schwing offers a variety of SPB mounting options to insure easy of use.

Super X Outriggers

Exclusive Super X Outriggers® set-up fast and provide maximum stability with a smaller footprint for more effective pumping on tight job sites. These curved front single-stage outriggers telescope out and around obstacles allowing placement of the pump as close to the pour area as possible.

SCC (Schwing Cab Control)

The 5” SCC touch screen allows operators to safely switch between pumping and driving modes. The system will not allow the transfer case to switch if unsafe conditions are present. The SCC features a standard backup camera, addition camera with a DVR can be easily added to the system.
Additional features include worklights on/off, beacons, lift axle control, maintenance and setting screens.

VECTOR Control Systems

Operators have valuable pumping data at their fingertips because VECTOR is the first system to allow monitoring of the pumping process from the remote control box. When the operator is fully informed he can fine-tune the pumping process resulting in higher productivity with fewer delays. This revolutionary breakthrough in communications offers real world benefits for operators and owners.

Symmetrical Switching

Symmetrical Switching provides faster switching of the Rock Valve, for a smoother and quieter operation.