EASy One-Sided Outrigger System

EASy Outrigging

EASy is the one-sided outrigger system standard on Schwing booms from 38-meter and up. By reducing the footprint of these truck-mounted concrete pumps, contractors have the flexibility to set-up in areas without impeding traffic while allowing the full reach of their booms off one side of the chassis. Depending on the model, various one-sided configurations or partial outrigger set-ups are allowable. These short rigs are integrated into Schwing’s VECTOR Controls. Even during the critical set up phase, VECTOR monitors and ensures the safety of the pump and its operator. The working range limitations are guarded against operator “over-ride” with audible signal and reduced boom speed. When the limit is reached the boom automatically stops. If the operator tries to override the EASy limit with the manual hand valve, the audible signal will sound repeatedly and the boom will stop. The System does not monitor soil pressures, but the system does confirm ground contact before allowing the boom to function.


Outrigging Charts

MODEL: S 38 SX, S 43 SX, S 46 SX, S 47 SX, S 52 SX, S 55 SX, S 58 SX, S 61 SX,


S 38 SX EASy Outrigging Options:

S 38 SX EASy Outrigging


S 43 SX EASy Outrigging Options:

S 43 SX EASy Outrigging


S 46 SX & S 47 SX EASy Outrigging Options:

S 46 SX EASy Outrigging


S 52 SX & S 55 SX EASy Outrigging Options:

S 52 SX EASy Outrigging


S 58 SX & S 61 SX EASy Outrigging Options:

S 58 SX EASy Outrigging