SPB Mounting Options

Choose the mounting option that best suits your job site requirements. In many cases, multiple mounting systems are used – start out with a free-standing mast on a gravity base or ballasted cross frame, then transition to a slab supported arrangement using floor frames with a self-climbing mechanism as the structure rises. In all cases, the Schwing octagonal mast system is compatible. Or mount one or more separate placing booms to zero-elevation frames that attach to a climbing form system. Schwing booms are also easily adapted to lattice towers, concrete walls/structures, barges or other marine applications. And our four-pin mounting system allows Schwing separate placing booms to be quickly detached and flown to multiple masts for large-scale projects.

  • 5 28 meter booms on lattice towers combine for uniform pumping of LNG tank.
  • Ballasted cross frame used in free standing.
  • Free standing and floor frame-mounted octagonal masts with 35 meter booms.
  • Self-climbing mechanism on an octagonal mast.
  • The lightest weight in the industry coupled with Gen 2 technology that splits the power pack and turntable from the boom allows easy lifting of this 35-meter detachable boom by a tower crane.
  • Twin 28-meter placing booms combine with multiple octagonal masts for high production pumping of large floor slabs.


Modular Octagonal Masts

Modular octagonal sections (4m & 6m lengths) bolt together for ease of assembly. Allows free-standing to 70’ with 28 meter boom or 50’ with 35 meter boom without a counterweight. Accessories (ladders, pipeline holders, work platform) can be easily added thanks to brackets welded on each mast section.




Free-standing the mast and separate placing boom is accomplished with a Cross Frame that can be anchored to a gravity base footing or ballasted frame.

Cross Frame on Gravity Base Footing

Cross Frame on Ballasted Frame

Slab Supported

Clamp Style Floor Frames

Floor frames are positioned on two floor levels to secure the mast with pins and wedges.

The mast requires a 41-1/8” x 41-1/8” floor opening and is secured by a frame with a pin and system of wedges.


Schwing’s lightweight modular self-climbing system can be installed and operated by one-person. Raising the mast and separate placing boom is smooth, balanced and easily performed utilizing two hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power from the power pack.

Zero Elevation

Zero Elevation Frame

Boom and head set mounted directly to cross frame for attachment to form system, gravity based footing or barge.