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Extend Drum Life

Using industry trip and distance averages, SMART Drum extends the life of the drum by more than 80-percent! A standard feature is cumulative monitoring of total drum revolutions for management purposes.

Deliver Quality Concrete

A constant drum speed yields a more consistent concrete mix. Over mixing damages the quality of the concrete by increasing the temperature of the mix, lowering the slump, decreasing air entrainment and decreasing the strength of the concrete.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Fewer drum rotations means less horsepower draw and better fuel economy.

Improve Stability

A constant drum speed maintains the center of gravity with a loaded truck for better stability in corners.

“After talking to Schwing, we realized our roll-overs were probably preventable.
Since we added SMART Drums four years ago, we haven’t had any roll-overs.”

Joey Ditta, Carlo Ditta Ready-Mix Concrete, Harvey, LA





Smart DrumGain control of drum rpm with the new SMART Drum option from Schwing-Stetter. The benefits of a constant speed drum are combined with an innovative control system to optimize drum rpm…automatically. No need to monitor or remind drivers to set a constant speed – SMART Drum does it for you by making drum rpm independent of engine rpm. When your driver accelerates past threshold speed, SMART Drum takes over and the drum speed is held constant. The result is less horsepower draw, less wear and fuel savings from fewer drum rotations. See how SMART Drum from Schwing-Stetter improves your bottom line every day by saving up to 80% in drum wear.

More Stable Operation
Customers report more stable operation due to constant drum speed. By avoiding changes in drum speed due to down shifting in turns, the potential for roll-overs is diminished. See a ready-mix producer’s comments about SMART Drum in our Truck Mixer product reviews.



SMART Controls

Industry Average


Loading at Plant (2 min. @ 18 RPM) 36 36
Mixing (3 min. @ 16 RPM) 48 48
Travel Time (30 min. @ Avg. Drum RPM) 30 150
Discharge Revolutions  36  36
Return Travel (1/3 of the trips include returned concrete) 10 30
Total Drum Revolutions 160 300


Trips per Day 4 4
Total Drum Revolutions per Day 640 1200
Drum Revolutions Saved Per Day 560


Total Revs per Year (640 Revs. per Day X 200 Operating Days) 128,000 240,000
Total Revs Saved per Year with SMART Drum 112,000
Total Revs in 5.6 Years 716,800 1,344,000
Total Revs Saved with SMART Drum (Over 5.6 Years) 627,200
Extended Drum Life (Years) with SMART Drum 4.9
Total Drum Life with SMART Drum 10.5
Drum Replacement $10,000 $10,000
Yearly Cost for Drum Replacement $952 $1,786
Cost Savings per Year $833
Cumulative Savings Over 10.5 Years $8746
Percent Drum Life Extended 88%
Savings per Cubic Yard $0.12
*estimates only, subject to change





Head 1/4” high chromium abrasion-resistant steel
Shell 3/16” high chromium abrasion-resistant steel
Shape Low profile for fast charging, mixing & discharging
Blades 1/4” thick abrasion-resistant steel. Reversed lip
mixing blades for optimum mixing

Drum Track

Drum Track

Forged Steel wide roller track to lower stress between drum roller and track.

Gear Box

Gear Box

Two stage 7000 series ZF drive gear box with a deep reduction drive.



Bolted in place 19” x 24.” Located in the front section of the drum. Additional hatch available (Consult Factory).

Rear Ladder

Rear Ladder

New ladder design folds down and angles out for easier ascent by drivers. Water plumbed to wash station and at ground level with diversion valve.

Swing Chutes – Four Foot Chute

Swing Chute5’6” chute with 3’2” foldover and one 4 foot chute side frame mounted. Optional liners and additional 4 foot chutes are available. Engine driven chute hoist with controls at mixer rear and in cab. Storage for up to three 4 foot chutes in cradle or gun rack.

Drum Roller

Drum Roller Surface hardened 8-inch diameter alloy steel with tapered Timken™ roller bearings with center shaft lubrication. Remote central greasing standard.

Charging Hopper

Charging Hopper Charging Hopper 44.5″ x 28.5″ opening with 30″ throat for smooth charging. Optional flip up hopper available.(Booster)

Discharge Hopper

Discharge Hopper New 20% larger design for easier clean-up and better flow with 45 degree drop angle.

Chute Pivot

Chute Pivot 2 Timken™ greasable roller bearings insures smooth pivoting.

7 Position Chute Lock

7 Position Chute Lock 7 positions with positive lock. Remote central greasing for easy maintenance of dual Timken™ roller bearings.

Wireless Controls

Rear Controls
 Rear Controls

The durable remote control system allows drivers to start and stop the drum, switch from discharge to charge, throttle up or down, lock or unlock and rotate the chute. Remote is equipped with a powerful magnet for attachment to virtually any part of the truck mixer. The transmitter hops frequencies for a strong signal without interference from competing signals. Mounts in cab for charging next to LED display for instant status and control of drum stop/start, chute lock, throttle up/down, tilt hopper, work lights and up/down/stop and pressure of the booster axle. The system also stores drum speed history and revolutions. An error message displays codes for trouble-shooting.


Hydraulics Rear pendant control is optional equipped with a 25’ mobile hard wire control.


fenders Full width smooth top steel or aluminum. Extra strong fenders with center bracing for extra support. Each fender has recessed stop, turn and tail lights. Rear mudflaps are standard. Optional front mud flaps available.

Rear Pendant Control

rear control Rear Pendant Control is optional with 25-foot hard wire control.


Paint Polyurethane two part top coat.

Water Tank

watertank 125 gallon side mounted pressurized steel or stainless steel water tank. Three position fill, hold and release valve for pressurizing water tank. Off-set swing away sight gauge with dual shut-off valves. 30 foot wash down hose with pistol grip spray nozzle.

Front Frame

Front Frame Mounted each side with two positions. One rigid mount and one with a spring connection. Front pedestal is made from high strength steel.