Concrete Sequencing Valves

Only Schwing matches the correct valve type to the requirements of the pump:


Ball Valve

Ball ValveThis valve offers field-tested reliability on our pea gravel pumps. The ball valve uses two steel balls to regulate concrete flow for smooth operation with low maintenance. With the capabilities of pumping up to .5-inch aggregate from 25 yds/hr to 70 yds/hr these pumps fit a wide variety of projects. Placement is usually through flexible hose. With diesel engines of 33 HP or 81 HP, the ability to maintain volume over longer distances differentiates the three models.


Rock Valve™

Rock ValveNo other sequencing valve combines lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding as the Rock Valve™. As the most accessible valve in the industry, the Rock Valve™ is an operator¹s friend, shortening clean-up time while using less water. A patented pressure spring creates a tight seal at the cutting ring, ideal for high pressure pumping. And ease of servicing combined with fewer replacement parts increases pump availability for higher return on your investment. With over thirty years of development and field-tested toughness, the Rock Valve™ remains the most effective concrete valve available. SP models (SP 500 to SP 1250) benefit from the Long Rock™ that provides better filling efficiency for the material cylinders and a standard hopper agitator.



Transfer Tube

Transfer TubeA transfer tube valve is chosen for versatility and operates reliably with minimal maintenance pumping grout, shotcrete or concrete. Used on the popular all-hydraulic SP-305 by contractors pumping up to .75-inch aggregate mixes to 30 cubic yards per hour with pressures to 642 psi. This is the logical upgrade from a ball-valve pump, expanding your horizons to projects requiring steady concrete flow at longer distances.


Big Rock Valve™

Big Rock ValveThe Big Rock Valve™ is standard on all boom pumps with booms 31-meters and longer and optional on other models. This feature extends the valve and housing to easily keep up with the requirements of high volume pours even with the harshest mixes. The patented design keeps the Rock Valve™ in adjustment automatically to maintain pressure on the concrete for long-term, trouble-free operation.