Tier 4 Stationary Pump Offered in Skid-Mounted Configuration

For applications in which mobility is not an issue — but pump performance is — Schwing now offers its SP 500-T4 stationary concrete pump in a skid-mount design.

The Tier 4-compliant SP 500, is a versatile pump that offers outputs up to 45 cubic yards per hour and a maximum pressure of 1100 psi on the material. Initially offered as a trailer-mounted unit, the SP 500-T4 now joins a number of other models as being available with the skid-frame package. According to Jason Zignego, Schwing sales manager, SP Division, that configuration definitely has its proponents.

“Any application that demands steady, reliable pumping of concrete from a single source, without need for relocation, can benefit from this configuration,” he said. “Operators of pre-cast concrete plants are a great example. For them, a pump can remain in one location onsite for years at a time, so a skid-mounted unit makes perfect sense. And one that has the host of features the SP 500 brings will be particularly welcome.”

Powered by a CAT® C3.4B diesel, rated at 74.5 hp, the SP 500-T4 excels at pumping grout, shotcrete or concrete. The twin-cylinder, all-hydraulic pump handles up to 1.5 inch aggregate using six-inch diameter pumping cylinders operating through a 39-inch stroke. Schwing’s exclusive Rock Valve — the same one used on the company’s largest concrete pumps — sequences the concrete to twin pumping cylinders.

Zignego added that, while previous skid frame chassis could not be converted to a trailer or vice versa, that is no longer the case. “On these new generation units, if mobility is needed, the skid frame portion can be removed and axle(s), fenders, lights, etc. can be added to make it towable.”