Versatile S 36 X with Frost Law Configuration


Schwing’s S 36 X offers high utilization for concrete pumpers and contractors with Roll and Fold Boom versatility and optional road-legal frost law axle configurations. Generous boom reach qualifies the pump as a valuable tool for residential and commercial work. It is offered on a variety of chassis to accommodate many different truck preferences. The high output pump kit and tight footprint make it an all-around favorite

Vertical reach of the S 36 X is 115 feet 6 inches, with the Roll and Fold four-section boom carrying full five-inch pipe. The machine features X-style outriggers for fast setup with only 20’5” wide footprint. The standard pump kit on the S 36 X is the 2025-5 120/80 MPS, putting out 182 cubic yards per hour, with up to 1002 psi applied to the concrete. The unit easily handles harsh mixes, thanks to the Big Rock Valve that offers an extended housing for high volume pumping. With large 10-inch diameter pumping cylinders and 79-inch stroke, the pump achieves high volume pumping operating at slower speeds for extended component wear and a smoother boom.

Customers can choose from several truck options depending on their needs. The cab-over Mack TerraPro provides excellent maneuverability on a 3-axle chassis with best net boom reach over the cab. The Peterbilt 320 is also an excellent choice for cab-over customers. The Mack Granite conventional cab is the choice for customers who value driver comfort with a longer bridge afforded by the conventional cab to better meet state and local weight laws.

In order to meet customer expectations for truck-mounted concrete pumps operating in the Northern U.S. and Canada, Schwing America has applied engineered solutions in order to meet the toughest frost laws. These frost laws can restrict travel on certain roads if modifications to the equipment are not provided. With the input of Schwing engineers, the type of truck, the boom length, the pumpkit, wheelbase modifications and additional axles have been configured for the S 36 X to provide maximum utilization of the concrete pump by meeting frost laws and extending the pumping season.

Standard on the S 36 X is the Vector Control system, featuring one transmitter box for radio or cable operation, a small battery charger in the truck cab, eight-hour long work cycles with two-way communication, safe radio transmission with frequency hopping, easy change out of transmitters and one system for all types of booms. Thanks to two-way communication between the pump and the radio remote, operators are fully informed of the pump’s status even when they are hundreds of feet from the pump.