The new Schwing five-section boom has been shouldering the majority of pumping on two Champion water treatment projects.

A new clarifier tank was pumper in addition to other improvements at the City of Pinehurst, ID water treatment plant.

A new clarifier tank was pumper in addition to other improvements at the City of Pinehurst, ID water treatment plant.

The small footprint afforded by the Super X Outriggers combined with the 38-meter boom’s reach proved ideal.

Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Booming Infrastructure

Several ongoing water treatment plant upgrades in rural Idaho require pumping in tight spaces.

With four water treatment plants upgrading in their area, Champion Concrete Pumping and Conveying is shuttling boom pumps regularly to meet the concrete pumping needs of public works departments near their home base of Hauser, Idaho. A new pump is shouldering the work on two of the projects, adding boom versatility, reach and easy setup to speed the projects to completion. “The two projects that are well-suited to our new Schwing S 38 SX are the City of Coeur d’Alene plant and the Pinehurst city plant improvement project,” according to Chris Hardy, sales manager.

Pumping in Tight Spaces

The two projects require about 20 pours each to cover the infrastructure improvements that include poured walls, foundations and tank bottoms. “We need a pump that can set up quickly in a tight space, give us adequate reach, clean up quickly and move on to another project,” states Hardy. “That’s the nature of these upgrades.” Hardy adds, “If they were brand new projects, we would probably have room for larger booms on these jobs.” The company has 20 boom pumps—up to 61 meters—and seven line pumps to serve the northern Idaho, western Montana and eastern Washington State markets.

Manager Lee Roy Thompson explains the advantages of using the S 38 SX, Schwing’s latest model, on the projects. “The five-section boom provides extraordinary articulation,” explains Thompson, “and a major benefit at these treatment plants is the reach and the footprint.” The 38-meter boom with 122′5″ vertical reach sets up with a 22′10″ outrigger spread. The standard pump kit is the 2525H-6 with output to 213 cubic yards per hour. “Most of the pours are about 100 yards on these projects,” states Thompson. “With the long-stroking, large-diameter material cylinders on the pump, the truck is hardly burdened, making it efficient.” The machine was showcased at the International ConExpo trade show held in Las Vegas in March.

The five-section Hyper Extension Roll and Fold boom offers job-forward articulation that is advantageous on the water treatment plant work, and the tip section rotates 230 degrees to provide versatility. “This new machine unfolds at all points towards the job,” Thompson notes. “This allows faster deployment and no limitations in articulation on the pour side.”

User-Friendly and Natural
Thompson, who is also an operator when needed, explains the user-friendly advantages of the S 38 SX: “Unfolding and using the five-section boom is very natural. I have been able to put more than three-and-a-half sections inside a building. This saves adding line on medium rise structures.“

Sometimes the conditions onsite are so restrictive that full deployment of the outriggers is not feasible. In these cases, the S 38 SX comes standard with the EASy Flex, one-sided set-up system for short rigging. “On these projects upgrading existing water treatment plants, space is extremely tight and short-rigging is a daily necessity,” Thompson notes. “Schwing’s EASy Flex system is a slick way to get it done safely with as little as 15′7″ of outrigger spacing.” The one-sided outrigger system is monitored through the machine’s VECTOR control system and prevents boom movement outside the safe parameters.

“We understand how critical it is for an operator to have the knowledge to perform safely and the skill to utilize the equipment for optimum performance and output,” Thompson says. Monthly safety meetings address and reinforce the standards for safety and training set forth by the ACPA. Every Champion concrete pump operator is trained, tested and certified. “Providing our customers and operators up-to-date, reliable equipment is also part of our safety commitment.”

Growth Requires Greater Capacity
At the smaller Pinehurst site, 31 miles east of Coeur d’Alene, the S 38 SX maneuvers easily on the project with its three-axle chassis, according to Hardy.
“We poured a clarifier bottom at Pinehurst in the morning, wrapped up by noon and pumped a residential footing in the afternoon,” Hardy notes. The addition of the fifth section adds utilization to the pump for commercial, mid-rise and bridge work. “This boom is very versatile pouring mezzanines or second and third deck work. With an unfolding height of 24′3″ the pump can also unfold indoors.”

Hardy says growing residential development in the area is causing the water treatment plants to improve and upgrade to handle additional capacity. “Some of the new houses have such large footprints and challenging geography that makes it difficult to set up larger booms. That’s where this new design shines again,” Hardy notes. Storm run-off is also a growing issue that must be considered by municipalities.

“This family-owned company does not rest on its laurels, and makes sure to invest in the equipment for every scenario,” states Hardy. Owners Roy and Dawn, who are in the process of succession to their sons, Lee Roy and Caleb, run the company with the boys, who currently work in the business. Hardy adds, “Since 1986, we have worked really hard to gain the trust and respect of our customers. Everyone in the company is committed to being the best concrete pumping service around. It’s the reason Champion Concrete Pumping exists.”


Owners—City of Coeur d’Alene, ID and City of Pinehurst, Idaho
General Contractor—Apollo, Inc., Kennewick, Washington
Architect—HDR Engineering Inc., Missoula, Montana
Ready Mixed—Interstate Concrete, Rathdrum, Idaho
Concrete Pumper—Champion Concrete Pumping, Hauser, Idaho
Concrete Equipment—Schwing S 38 SX truck-mounted concrete pump with five-section placing boom.