SCHWING CPR Rebuild: A 1977 Love Story

SCHWING proudly displayed a historic 1977 BPL 800 KVM 28 pump at the 50th World of Concrete in Las Vegas to celebrate its 50th anniversary in a big way.

This was the first refurbished pump ever displayed at the World of Concrete. Customers took pictures and signed white vinyl on the pump to commemorate this amazing piece of concrete pumping nostalgia.

Mardian Concrete Pumping graciously sold the 1977 pump to SCHWING; the pump was then beautifully restored by SCHWING CPR.

Jerry Anderson’s CPR team put an immense amount of work and time into making this pump run and look brand new, often taking pieces of the pump home to continue working during their personal time. Jerry Anderson took home the cab lights to repair, and Derek Kabage, Manager of Paint and a former CPR employee, worked on some badges. The project took four months to complete.

Due to the age of the pump, it was a challenge to source the original interior and exterior parts. Former SCHWING and CPR employees provided parts they had kept in their toolboxes. SCWHING had to fabricate several parts to preserve the authenticity of the pump; The sideboards and control panel were re-manufactured. The tires were difficult to find since they are no longer being produced. Along with restoring the pump to pristine condition, CPR built a new custom grill with the original SCHWING logo from Germany to highlight the age of the pump. CPR painted the pump its original colors.

The amount of love put into this project was incredible and invaluable. This undertaking wouldn’t have been successful without the immense knowledge of lifelong CPR employees who are now SCHWING employees since they had first-hand experience working on these kinds of pumps. Jerry Anderson is most proud that the pump, which hadn’t run since the 1990s, now runs perfectly, and SCHWING plans to pump with it in the summer of 2024.

Along with the 1977 pump, Schwing America also brought a USA-built S39 boom pump along with several USA-built stationary pumps to World of Concrete. SCHWING was thrilled to showcase pieces of the concrete industry present alongside such a wonderful reminder of the past.


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