SCC (Schwing Cab Control)

The 5” SCC touch screen allows operators to safely switch between pumping and driving modes. The system will not allow the transfer case to switch if unsafe conditions are present. The transfer case will not switch; if the drive shaft is turning over 20 RPM, the truck is in drive gear, the parking brake is not set or if the clutch is not depressed. The SCC will display under speed and over speed warnings if the gear ratio is not correct (lower gear than what is required). It will also warn operators if the machine over speeds the hydraulic pumps, in that event, SCC will reduce RPM’s back to idle and flash outrigger lights. Status messages provide the operator valuable feedback if faults occur.

Additional cameras can be added to the driver side, passenger side, cab, hopper and tip section of the machine. With optional cameras, the in-cab display is increased to 7” with DVR capabilities.

Operators can also raise or lower installed pusher axles, turn on outrigger / beacon lights and manually control the truck throttle in Pumping mode. The SCC maintenance screen displays PTO hours, fuel level and drive shaft speed. System inputs and outputs are displayed on the PLC IO screen, assisting in troubleshooting. The whole system can be bypassed via keyswitch in the event of system failure.