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Q. What type and grade of oil is used in Schwing hydraulics?
A. There are several Brands of ISO VG46 hydraulic oil approved for use. Consult the service manual for other brands.

Q.What factors would you consider when offered a “cheaper” oil?
A. Is it cheaper through lower supply and transport costs? Is it less highly refined? Does it contain less effective additives? Are the additives compatible with those currently in use? See our oil recommendations.

Q. What is the soil pressure of the outrigger for my machine?
A. Since the 1980’s Schwing has installed a decal on each outrigger with the maximum outrigger load in lbs. The formula for the soil pressure is: Maximum outrigger load(lbs.) ÷ Area of soil contact(sq/in.)= Soil pressure(psi.)

Q. Can I check the Nitrogen charge in an accumulator system with out an accumulator Charge Kit?
A. Yes, If you watch the accumulator hydraulic gauge closely as you hit an e stop button to disengage the e top system the gauge will start to drop slowly, at a certain pressure the gauge will drop to zero at a faster pace. The pressure at which the gauge changes is the amount of Nitrogen charge in the accumulator bladder.

Q. What is the maximum amp draw of the electric motor on my SPB power pack or electric stationary pump?
A. All electric motors have the maximum current draw listed on the motor tag. If you do not have access to the tag you can use the following formula. All 460 volt 3 phase motors draw a maximum of 1.2 amps per horsepower. Example a 30 horse SPB motor operating on 460 Volt 3 phase the maximum amp draw would be 30 X 1.2= 36 amps. Also Once you know the maximum amperage you can ask for a power source that is 125% of the maximum or in this case you would need a 45 amp service.