Boom Styles

Choose the boom style that fits your market. Schwing brings more boom types to customers for more versatility and productivity. In all cases Schwing booms operate on a wide range of pours from residential to commercial for high utilization and fast return on investment.

4-Section Double Z

MODEL: S 20, S 28 X

This boom offers more articulation than any other boom in its class. And with 540-degrees of articulation in the last two Z-fold sections, this boom gets you in places no other boom can. Use inside enclosed structures or under bridge decks and mezzanines with low unfolding height. It also functions as a residential foundation boom and on light commercial work.

5-Section XT Telescoping Boom


This 5-section boom provides versatility that is really two machines in one. In low overhead situations the boom needs only 18’-8” unfolding clearance opening up jobs that are unavailable to other pumps. The 15’-3” of smooth telescopic action allows the operator to position the boom with pinpoint accuracy and reach 87-feet horizontally without exceeding the unfolding height and still pour back to the front bumper. No need to adjust multiple boom sections or rely on complicated boom position sensors to keep the hose out of the pour.

When pouring in front of a laser screed on large slabs, the telescopic action is particularly convenient. Booming to a mezzanine or elevated deck is much easier with the telescopic movement giving added confidence and speed with point and shoot precision. With over 830 degrees of total boom articulation including 278-degrees at the Z-tip section, boom configurations are only limited by the operator’s imagination.

No other boom matches the reach and utilization of this one-of-a-kind machine that owners report is the most requested pump in their fleet.

4-Section Roll and Fold®

MODELS: S 32 XS 36 XS 39 SX

The original and for many contractors the best all around boom type for fast unfolding, easy cleanout and precision placement.

4-Section Roll and Fold® Detachable Option


Maximize the utilization of your S 39 SX with the detachable boom option that allows the boom to be easily removed and mounted hundreds of feet from the pump. Multiple mounting options provide for free-standing, form-mounting and self-climbing configurations. The detachable boom option is accompanied by the 2023-5 130/80 MPS pump kit with high pressure capabilities for pumping high-rise structures. By stretching a full 114 (S 39 SX) from the slewing axis the placing boom covers more than 40,000 square feet (S 39 SX) from a single set-up. Weight of the Generation 2 separate placing booms have been reduced dramatically to 12,890 lbs (S 39 SX). With simple four-pin mounting these booms can be flown quickly to multiple masts with the quick-disconnect feature.

S 39 SX Detachable Specifications





Boom DesignROLL and FOLD®
Horizontal Reach114 ft35 m
Boom Area of Coverage40,884 sq. ft.3,798 sq. m
Section Lengths  
1st30.25 ft9.2 m
2nd27.5 ft8.4 m
3rd27.5 ft8.4 m
4th28.2 ft8.6 m
Slewing Range- Degrees550
Pipeline Diameter5 in125 mm
Control SystemsRadio – cable – manual
Boom Weight12,890 lbs5,847 kg
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 


5-Section Hyper Extension Boom


The new S 38 SX with five-section placing boom expands the limits of concrete placement with articulation that hyper extends at every section to exceed the capabilities of traditional Z and Roll and Fold® Booms. Snake the tip hose deep into decks and reach more places with all of the 915-degrees of articulation on the working side of the boom.

5-Section RZ5 Overhead Roll and Fold®

MODELS: S 52 SX, S 55 SX

The 270-degree articulation of the tip section means maximum versatility especially when combined with the main section’s 180 degrees of working range. Operators will use the Schwing Overhead Roll and Fold® feature that allows the main section to be tilted away from the pour while the tip section is maneuvered over and under obstacles to reach further into buildings than ever before. With 990 degrees of total articulation, operators can reach up, out, over and under to provide reliable concrete delivery. Maximize your return on investment by getting more from a long boom. Put the RZ5 on commercial buildings, bridge decks and industrial work everyday and imagine the possibilities.

5-Section RZ5 Roll and Fold®


Only Schwing combines Roll and Fold® and Z to create a unique boom ideal for overall pumping and placing efficiency. By putting the 270-degree Z-fold at the tip section, operators have unprecedented boom maneuverability. An added benefit of the five section boom is a compact travel position. With a slewing range of 740 degrees the boom adapts to many job sites.

4-Section Overhead Roll and Fold®

MODELS: S 46 SXS 47 SXS 58 SXS 61 SX

The innovative Overhead Roll and Fold® boom design works so well on bridges, commercial and industrial work. Hundreds of pumpers and concrete contractors have discovered the versatility of a boom with a main section that articulates 180-degrees. This feature allows the main section to be angled away from the pour so that the boom can be guided horizontally into enclosed areas, positioned vertically for elevated work and stretched out over the cab for flatwork.
And whether you are reaching deep into a structure for a controlled pour or operating flat out on a deck, the operator can maneuver the boom with confidence for efficient and precise placement utilizing an industry-leading 740-degrees of total boom articulation.