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Not all independent inspectors are SCHWING trained. Call our service department today for a list of SCHWING trained inspectors.

Periodic inspections according to ASME standard B30.27-2009 include complete visual inspection of all structural areas, including:

• Booms (all sections)
• Pedestal (tower)
• Outriggers
• Main column and turret
• Hydraulic cylinders, lines and tubing, holding valves
• Safety decals
• Boom rests, steps, boom guide brackets, etc.
• Pin and bearing clearances

As per ASME B30.27-2009 Standard 27-2.1.3 Periodic Inspections 27-, complete inspection of the material placing boom and structural support system shall be performed by a qualified person at the intervals listed below:

• First 5 years: every 2,000 working hours, or at least once per year (whichever occurs first)
• 5 to 10 years: every 1,000 working hours, or at least once per year (whichever occurs first)
• 10 years and older: every 500 working hours, or at least once per year (whichever occurs first)

SCHWING Trained Boom Inspection and Boom Repair Companies

To Schedule A Boom Inspection Email: or call 651-653-5438.

Concrete Pump Repair
a SCHWING company
Mike Newman
North Branch, MN

Basem Atih
Baltimore MD, 21234

Wild Cat Welding Boom Inspection & Repair
Daniel Mestas
Eaton, Colorado
307-251-0330 or 970-454-8801

Klein Welding Services
Adam Klein
Denver, CO

US Boom Inspection
Robert Walker
Des Moines, IA.

California Concrete Pump Sales And Service
77 Apple Court Suite C
Applegate, CA 95703


Rupert Alanis
Houston, TX

SCHWING Trained Boom Inspection Companies

Quality Concrete Pumps, LLC.
Joseph Bynum
PO Box 340
Palm City, FL  34991
772-263-9337 cell
772-207-0739 office


“With today’s extra long reaching booms and the higher strength steels being used, the correct repair
procedures and standards must be followed to insure the structural integrity of the repair.”
– Jeff Popa