SPB Mounting Options

Choose the mounting option that best suits your job site requirements. In many cases, multiple mounting systems are used – start out with a free-standing mast on a gravity base or ballasted cross frame, then transition to a slab supported arrangement using floor frames with a self-climbing mechanism as the structure rises. In all cases, the Schwing octagonal mast system is compatible. Or mount one or more separate placing booms to zero-elevation frames that attach to a climbing form system. Schwing booms are also easily adapted to lattice towers, concrete walls/structures, barges or other marine applications. And our four-pin mounting system allows Schwing separate placing booms to be quickly detached and flown to multiple masts for large-scale projects.

Modular Octagonal Masts

Modular octagonal sections (4m & 6m lengths) bolt together for ease of assembly. Allows free-standing to 70’ with 28 meter boom or 50’ with 35 meter boom without a counterweight. Accessories (ladders, pipeline holders, work platform) can be easily added thanks to brackets welded on each mast section.