Strength, Quality, and Safety: The Essentials of World-Class Concrete Pump Construction

Concrete pumps are vital to construction projects, but their durability, reliability, and overall performance depends on the quality of materials and the manufacturing practices used to create them. Concrete pumps known for outstanding performance have several things in common: high-quality steel, advanced assembly practices, and outstanding testing and safety protocols. By understanding these factors, industry professionals can make informed decisions when selecting concrete pumping equipment for their projects. Read more

[Translate to EN (USA):] 1977 Mardian Pump arrives at White Bear Lake SCHWING Factory

SCHWING CPR Rebuild: A 1977 Love Story

SCHWING Displays CPR Restored 1977 Pump at 50th World of Concrete Read more


2024 World of Concrete Wrap Up

SCHWING commemorated it’s 50th anniversary at the World of Concrete. Highlights from the convention included recognizing business leaders with awards, displaying a restored 1977 pump, demonstrating the capabilities of our stationary and boom pumps, and hosting a fun in-booth happy hour.  Read more


A Tremendous Year: SCHWING America's Many Successes of 2023

In the dynamic world of construction equipment, 2023 has proven to be a tremendous year for SCHWING America. From strategic leadership changes to innovative product releases, tax incentives, and participation in monumental construction projects, SCHWING America has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in safety and customer satisfaction. Read more


Take Advantage of Bonus Depreciation on SCHWING Equipment – Before it’s Gone

The popular Bonus Depreciation tax deduction begins a phase-out in 2023. What does this mean for concrete pumping companies and the construction industry? Read more



SCHWING America recently held two real-world demonstrations of our new S 51 SX pump at our factory: one on August 15th, and the other on September 15th. SCHWING customers from around the country, as well as SCHWING employees, were invited to see the new SCHWING S 51 SX in action. Read more


SCHWING Debuts Two New RZ Boom Concrete Pumps

SCHWING America, a world leader in concrete pump design and manufacturing, has released two new truck-mounted boom pump models: the S 36 X RaZor and the S 51 SX. Available in 36- and 51-meter lengths, both models use a five-section RZ boom design to provide greater maneuverability and low unfolding heights, allowing operators to pump concrete into tight-fitting spaces.  Read more


SCHWING America Announces New CEO

White Bear Lake, Minn., March 31, 2023 – SCHWING America, Inc. (SAI) is pleased to announce the hiring of its next Chief Executive Officer, Johannes Schulze Vohren. Schulze Vohren will be joining SAI as the CEO effective April 1, 2023.

 Read more


SCHWING Unveils New Vector II Controller

The Vector II is a replacement for the original Vector system. Vector II is based on CAN bus technology, allowing for future expansion and is telematics ready. The Vector II features a five-inch color screen along with a whole new interface. This keeps the operator up to date with all the machine data. Screens include machine status, messaged lists, I/O readout, pumped volume, operational data and parameter adjustments. Read more


SPB Foundation Frame

SCHWING releases a new anchoring system for octagonal masts. The foundation frame is for placing boom applications with limited ground level access, where it’s not feasible to install a large gravity base concrete foundation with a cross frame. Read more