VECTOR Control Systems

Operators are fully informed of the pump’s status even when they are hundreds of feet from the pump. No need to shutdown and return to the pump when an operator can view the following critical information at the remote box:

  • Strokes per minute
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • PTO rpm
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Hopper grate status
  • Local/remote/ram change modes
  • Switches out of neutral
  • Emergency stop activation
  • Low water tank

Significant features for fleet owners include one transmitter box for radio or cable operation, a small battery charger in the truck cab, 8-hour long work cycles with two-way communication, safe radio transmission with frequency hopping, easy change out of transmitters and one system for all types of booms. 

A High level alarm notifies the operator of situations that may cause damage to the pump. The VECTOR will activate the Emergency Stop and the operator can evaluate the situation. In all cases the operator has the display on the remote box and the VECTOR graphic displays to assist in diagnosis.

Modular Design

VECTOR is proven durable and reliable, but in the event of physical damage, the modular design allows the entire control box to be unplugged and replaced in the field. All control systems will be fully operational with the replacement controller.