SCHWING Debuts Two New RZ Boom Concrete Pumps

SCHWING America, a world leader in concrete pump design and manufacturing, has released two new truck-mounted boom pump models: the S 36 X RaZor and the S 51 SX. Available in 36- and 51-meter lengths, both models use a five-section RZ boom design to provide greater maneuverability and low unfolding heights, allowing operators to pump concrete into tight-fitting spaces.

“Not every job site is created equal,” said Tom Oury, regional sales manager at SCHWING America. “A construction site can be difficult and dangerous to navigate. RZ boom technology provides another option for customers to make laying concrete easy and efficient, even in hard-to-reach locations.”

With the new RZ booms, SCHWING provides the best overall features and benefits. The new models are as follows:

S 36 X RaZor: The S 36 X RaZor has a reach of 115 feet, three inches vertically, and a horizontal reach of 100 feet, five inches. It can pump 178 cubic yards per hour and has a maximum pressure on concrete of 1,102 psi.

S 51 SX: The S 51 SX has a reach of 164 feet, five inches vertically, and a horizontal reach of 147 feet, four inches. It can pump 213 cubic yards per hour and has a maximum pressure on concrete of 1,169 psi.0

SCHWING truck-mounted boom pumps provide reach, versatility, and unparalleled reliability. A wide range of boom configurations combine with long stroking pump kits for smooth pumping performance. Open loop hydraulics o_ er greater fuel efficiency, and the Vector II controller system ensures an efficient process. The easy-to-rebuild SCHWING ROCK valve cleans out faster with less water than any other valve, allowing operators to increase profits by completing more jobs per day.

“SCHWING has always been synonymous with quality in the concrete industry,” said Oury. “With these new boom designs, we’ve made a great concrete pump even better. It’s everything you love about SCHWING, plus new RZ booms.”

SCHWING America representatives are available to discuss your concrete pumping equipment needs and the specific tools for your job. Visit schwing.com to learn more.