SCHWING Unveils New Vector II Controller

SCHWING America, worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of premium concrete production and handling equipment, has begun installing the Vector II controller in select machines.

The Vector II is a replacement for the original Vector system. Vector II is based on CAN bus technology, allowing for future expansion and is telematics ready. The Vector II features a five-inch color screen along with a whole new interface. This keeps the operator up to date with all the machine data. Screens include machine status, messaged lists, I/O readout, pumped volume, operational data and parameter adjustments.

Software updates are made easier, with only a USB stick required. The teach key has been eliminated, and boom settings can be made via password protected screen — with no need for added hardware or laptop. When pumping out the backend, line pump mode allows you to lift the boom and stroke the pump kit, without extending the outriggers.

A revamped EASy system eliminates the setup wizard; the machine is automatically put into EASy mode based on the extension of the outriggers. Enhanced EASy mode screens show the operator the exact slewing position of the boom with constraints. Machines installed with an inclinometer show lifting constraints of boom 1.

Vector II can also be used to replace older Vector systems with minor modifications.

“The Vector II controller is a big upgrade. We know it will make a positive impact for owners and operators,” said Scott Roisum, vice president of product support. “We are very excited to install the next generation Vector system in our machines."